Featured Author: Lyn Brittan

Author Lyn Brittan has generously donated both Anja’s Star and The Clocks of London to our giveaway. Find them in the SFR Variety and SFR Smorgasbord bundles. Find out more about the raffle on our celebration kick off post.


Anja’s Star 

Pirates, gambling, space ships, and adventure! 

Anja's StarOne does not lose a pirate’s spaceship.

One could have it ripped away by the captain’s idiot son, Retzi, who used it as collateral in a card game, but one does not lose it. At least, not Anja, but if the captain finds out, she’s the one who’ll be held responsible.

She has exactly two weeks to get that ship back before the authorities, the Captain or the galaxy at large, calls in their debts. If she can manage to keep Retzi focused on helping her steal it back, rather than getting her in bed, they just might have a shot at making it out of this mess.

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Clocks of London

Water London, private investigators, alternate history and danger!

The Clocks of LondonMoira Gear is tired of being ignored. After years of begging to join her brother’s investigative firm, she’s off to seek her fortunes in the great tunnels of Water London. She’s needed there, even if no one else thinks so. Street children are disappearing, but only she appears to notice. That leaves just one option – save them and finally establish herself as a private investigator.

Patrick Clock is THE investigator of the well heeled. Taking only the best cases, he’s earned quite the laudable reputation among both the municipal force and common citizens. He wants nothing other than to focus on his work, but while out on a call, he spies a woman with a remarkable eye and a talent for trouble. What choice does he have but to follow her?

Their plans don’t involve each other, but Patrick and Moira find themselves tangled in a web of danger and lies. As their temporary partnership tumbles dangerously close to love, they must each find the courage to save the waters of London and each other.

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Lyn grew up wanting to live like her heroes, James Bond and Indiana Jones. She wasn’t totally successful and never had to shoot her way out of a hotel bedroom. She’s still coming to terms with it. Awards and woot-woots include: Amazon Sci-Fi Romance Best Seller, ARe Best Selling Author, 2013 and 2014 SFR Galaxy Award Winner.

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Q. When did you realize SFR was a genre?

A. I’m not sure exactly! The first proper Sci-Fi I remember reading, was a C.J. Cherryh. I’ve always loved Mercedes Lackey’s Valdemar verse, but after Cherryh, I started reading some of Lackey’s Sci-Fi works.

Q. Do your books lean more SF or Romance?

A. My books straddle the line between Sci-Fi and Futuristic romances. I write the future I want – I hope – will exist. One beautiful with the fullness of diversity, inclusiveness, fun and drama.

A question from Charlee for blog lovers!

What is your favorite subgenre of SFR? Steampunk?

Space Opera? Cyberpunk? Dystopia? Post Apocalyptic? Not sure what the heck I’m talking about? Check out this old post I did for author friend Thomas Evans.

Answer to enter our drawing.

7 thoughts on “Featured Author: Lyn Brittan

  1. I have trouble choosing a favorite sub-genre. Cyberpunk has long been a favorite and so is dystopian. I also quite enjoy the scifi-detective books that seem more prevalent these days. Can I toss in some steampunk just to muddy the waters? Corsets and geared weapons as just too cool to pass up.

  2. I enjoy both dystopian and post apocalyptic SFRs. I love to see how the characters evolve and/or devolve in those situations. Its kind of like a front row seat to crazy town. Of course, I like everything to work out eventually despite all of the craziness.

  3. What is your favorite subgenre of SFR? Here’s one of those “favorites” questions again. Since I like, and read, them all, it is so hard to answer. But, here I think I do have to say Space Opera. It seems so much more optimistic to me. The others can be fun and interesting too, and I do read all of them, but Space Opera is usually my first choice.

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