Wednesday SciFi Romance Round-Up

Week of 5/26/2016  In this post we announce new and coming SciFi Romance books.   The purpose of this post is to take a look at what is out there. I have not read all of these and I always recommend sampling before you buy.

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SFR On Sale

Gamma Raiders: The Storm Squadron Alpha by Calista Skye


Price: 2.99 **0.99 June 2 -16 2016

Length: 169 pages
Pub Date: Dec 23, 2015

The Gamma Raiders series continues with another exciting installment packed with action, adventure, and romance! Can a BBW pilot and a sexy alien warrior find love in the midst of war?

SFR New Releases

Her Alien Protector by Siren Allen



Price: $2.99

Available on Amazon (KU)

Length: 352 pages
Pub Date: May 23, 2016

Raynor Batiste was a monster, a killer, one of the most feared creatures in the galaxy. Because of this, his mate feared him. To claim her, he would have to shed his bad boy image. That was easier said than done, especially since his beast wanted a piece of her.

The Champion of Barésh (Star World Frontier Book 1) by Susan Grant

championPrice: 3.99

On Amazon

Length: 285 pages
Pub Date: May 26, 2016

A desperate woman from an impoverished world makes a daring gamble with a bad-boy prince hell-bent on restoring his family’s honor. But her scandalous secret puts both of their lives at risk and alters the course of their worlds forever.

Alien Fae Mate by Misty Kayn

Price: $.99

Length: Novella
Pub Date: June 2, 2016

He won’t risk losing her. She’ll risk everything to have him.
A nibble from the dark side featuring mating trope topped with HEA. Standalone Erotic Romance Novella.

Portals: Volume Two 

portalsPrice $.99

Available on Amazon

Pub Date: May 25, 2016

Contains 10 first chapters from Alison Aimes, Melisse Aires, Cara Bristol, Diane Burton, Cathryn Cade, Wendy Lynn Clark, Susan Grant, KC Klein, Sabine Priestley, Jody Wallace.

Enter, and you’ll be introduced by award-winning authors to worlds beyond imagining, with heroes & heroines who dare to take it to the edge and beyond—in every way. Count on these adventurers to take their best shot … at their enemies and at hot, sexy romance!

Coming This Week!

The Power of Fate (The Triad Series Book 5) by Kate Pearce

poweroffatePre-order Price: $2.99

Available on Amazon

Length: 134 pages
Pub Date: May 30, 2016

Intent on becoming the highest ranked Hakron female in the Pavlovan military, Captain Mya Jong doesn’t expect Orin, her First Male to suddenly decide he wants to find their Third and start a family. The whole idea horrifies her, and she’s glad to bury herself in work—until she finds herself in hostile territory trapped with the most powerful telepath she’s ever met.

Trying to understand the unshakeable sexual and telepathic bond she forms with Rekk changes everything she believes about herself. Her mission to deliver Rekk to the Oracle at Quoxor becomes even more complicated when Orin comes after them. Can the mysterious Rekk really be part of their Triad? And, if he is, how will Mya overcome her fears and let him in?

Killer Mate (Space Grit Book 5) by Ella Drake

killermatePre-order Price: $3.99

Available on Amazon

Length: 213 pages
Pub Date: May 31, 2016

Tee Bronson doesn’t trust outsiders. Never has. Now the Scoriah are on the run from the Nex, a secretive black-ops unit, and trust isn’t even in his vocabulary. Except he needs help to board a military vessel to free one of his brothers. The only person in the universe that he’s sure isn’t Nex is Malweather Hunter, his former lover. Problem is, last time Tee saw Mal, he killed him.

If there’s one thing a former bounty hunting cyborg should avoid, it’s the alien who turned him inside out, left him for dead, and ruined his career. Even reminded that he’s homeless, broke, and bitter, Mal can’t resist the reason for it all. Tee makes his cold body run hot. Besides, if anyone’s going to kill Tee, it’s going to be him. The Nex will just have to wait their turn to get their hands on his lover’s enticing neck.

Brother Mine (Brother Assassins Book 1) by Jolie Mason

brotherminePre-order Price: $3.99

Available on Amazon

Length: 170 pages
Pub Date: May 31, 2016

Mal Renata was born with the proverbial silver spoon in her mouth, but it never stopped her from becoming the voice of the Braxian people. As an activist fighting off mankind’s inevitable slide into cruelty and prejudice, she wants to stop the Scourge bill from becoming law, but how can she do that, if the bill’s supporters keep dying? Public outcry wants someone to pay, so she intends to give them someone.

Until she tracks down, Adame Sacha, a Braxian freedman and one of the notorious Brother Assassins, she thinks the brotherhood is her problem. Instead, she finds they may be the best allies she could hope for. Together, she and Adame search for those who are eager to profit from the suffering of the Brax, and they track their prey in a world where lives are held cheaply, but death is expensive.

They may be able to elude the dangers of his world for awhile, but they can’t run from the attraction to each other. No matter what their differences.

2016 Prism Awards Finalists 

If you haven’t read them yet, this is a good time to check out these award-worthy novels! Our two favorite categories are posted here. For a full list, see the FF&P website. Note! Riley will be posting more on many of these books, including author interviews, on her blog: Whiskey with My Book in the next month!


Dark Horse Echo 8 honourbound shadesoftreason

Dark Horse by Michelle Diener
Echo 8 by Sharon Fisher
Honour Bound by M.A. Grant
Shades of Treason by Sandy Williams


charmingprof AngelaQuarles_SteamMeUpRawley_800px memorypainter

Charming the Professor by Donna MacMeans
Steam Me Up, Rawley by Angela Quarles
The Memory Painter by Gwendolyn Womack