Featured Author: Corrina Lawson

Our next featured author is the smart and talented Corrina Lawson.  She has donated a copy of The Curse of the Brimstone Contract to the SFR Variety Bundle in our raffle, so be sure to enter!


The Curse of the Brimstone Contract, the Steampunk Detectives, Book 1

Curse of the Brimstone ContractMagic—and love—balanced on the tip of a needle…

Magic existed at the fringes until Prince Albert discovered he was a mage. Now he and others like him are leading a revolution in steam technology that’s held tight in the grip of the upper classes.

A man of half-Indian heritage, rejected by his upper-crust, mage-gifted family, Gregor Sherringford lives in working-class London, investigating cases involving magic among the lower classes. But he’s never met a client quite like spirited, stubborn Joan Krieger.

Joan’s dream was to lead a fashion revolution designing women’s clothing suited to the new technology. But when her richest client mysteriously dies outside her shop, it deals a mortal blow to her dreams.

She hopes the handsome, enigmatic detective can prove the death a magical murder. She never expected a dark plot would be woven right into the fabric of her family. Or that cracking the case will mean merging gifts, minds—and hearts—with the one man who could be her partner in every way. If they survive the release of a soul-binding curse.

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Corrina is a former newspaper reporter with a degree in journalism from Boston University. A mom of four, she now works from home writing romance novels with a geeky twist and as the Content Director and co-founder of GeekMom.com.

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Q. When did I realize SF Romance was a genre?

A. I was lamenting the lack of good science fiction romance in an article for Sequential Tart (www.sequentialtart.com) some years back and a bunch of readers replied to the article and recommended a bunch of books. That’s when I realized it was a cool and valid thing—I’d just needed somewhere to start.

Q. What SFR book had the most impact on your reading or writing?

A. Linnea Sinclair’s Gabriel’s Ghost. Oh, heck, everything by Linnea Sinclair, since after I read one, I snapped them all up. I love her characters, her world-building, and her break-neck pacing. They’re the best romantic adventure stories.

I need to mention, though, Cordelia’s Honor by Lois McMaster Bujold. One of my favorite books ever and, to me, it’s a SF romance as well, even if it’s shelved in SF.

Q. Do my books lean more SF or romance?

A. To me, they’re both and both elements are entwined but I suspect since I grew up reading SF, that to pure romance readers, they veer more towards SF. The heat levels vary from sweet (I couldn’t get those repressed Victorians into bed in my steampunk so there’s lot of sexual tension instead!) to explicit, with my damaged, dark hero in Phoenix Legacy. I would say Phoenix Inheritance might be the most purely romantic of my stories, as the world building is at the edges.

Corrina’s question for readers:

What do you love most about the books you love? I’m always curious about that. For me, it’s always characters. If I bond to a character, I’m happy.

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7 thoughts on “Featured Author: Corrina Lawson

  1. I agree with Corrina. It is always the characters that suck me into a story and will make me reread a story. The Curse of the Brimstone Contract fits the bill! I thoroughly enjoyed this story and I’m looking forward to more books in this world.

  2. My book love contains two important elements…characters and emotions. I need both to consider the book one of my favorites. If I connect with a character and there is no emotion driving the story, the book falls flat for me. Conversely, if the emotions are there but I can’t connect with the character, I feel unsatisfied, almost cheated out of a potentially great read. Just call me greedy.

  3. What do you love most about the books you love? Characters are important. If I don’t like and/or identify with the characters, then why read the book. However, I also find location works for me too, and/or how the characters interact with their location. There a couple of series I go back to because I love the local. Some authors are masters at describing the woods, ocean, sea, desert, city, spaceship, planet, where ever the story happens to be, in such a way that I just want to wander around and get lost there. If there is a wonderful character that I am drawn to for what ever reason there too, fantastic!

  4. I love the moments of emotional upheaval that books can make me feel. For this, I need to get invested in the characters, and then intense or heavy dialogue/events to make me feel with the characters.

  5. The books I love are ones that have evoked strong emotions from me. I don’t have to like all the characters or even the ending (like Brave New World) to hold the book in respect; I just need it to make me feel something strongly.

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