SGU continues to deliver difficult moments.

Tonight, SGU airs on SyFy so I thought I’d take a quick moment to talk about last week’s episode. Aftermath, the second episode of season two, made it clear that SGU will continue to deliver the difficult moments that propelled the show onto my must watch list.

From the beginning of the show we’ve heard repeatedly that Colonel Young was not the right man for the Destiny mission, that he was too soft. (Pardon me while I shake my head in dismay. When did compassion and being human become synonymous with being soft?) I can understand this sentiment coming from the folks back on Earth. They haven’t actually seen some of the things Young has done. But, I thought Rush would have changed his opinion after the jaw dropping moment in season one where the two come to blows.

In Aftermath, Young once again does the horribly right thing and I found it more than a little hard to watch. Despite my discomfort this is what I love about the show. When things like this happen it puts all the characters in physical and emotional jeopardy. Anything can happen. That’s drama and that’s what makes this show exceptional.