SGU continues to deliver difficult moments.

Tonight, SGU airs on SyFy so I thought I’d take a quick moment to talk about last week’s episode. Aftermath, the second episode of season two, made it clear that SGU will continue to deliver the difficult moments that propelled the show onto my must watch list.

From the beginning of the show we’ve heard repeatedly that Colonel Young was not the right man for the Destiny mission, that he was too soft. (Pardon me while I shake my head in dismay. When did compassion and being human become synonymous with being soft?) I can understand this sentiment coming from the folks back on Earth. They haven’t actually seen some of the things Young has done. But, I thought Rush would have changed his opinion after the jaw dropping moment in season one where the two come to blows.

In Aftermath, Young once again does the horribly right thing and I found it more than a little hard to watch. Despite my discomfort this is what I love about the show. When things like this happen it puts all the characters in physical and emotional jeopardy. Anything can happen. That’s drama and that’s what makes this show exceptional.

7 thoughts on “SGU continues to deliver difficult moments.

  1. I agree about Young’s ‘moment’ in the first episode of season 2. It was brilliantly written and well acted. Where I differ in your opinion is that I truly think it was the first point in the show where I saw him actually live up to being a CO. While I love his human elements, and appreciate what they are trying to do with his character, I’ve felt throughout the series a taxing of my suspension of disbelief in his role.

    I just find it hard to believe that this man would make it to the rank of Colonel in any special forces unit. Last night’s episode (2 in season two), however, goes a bit of a way to correct this… but now I find it hard to believe the Lucien Alliance people could possibly expect to be treated any differently than they are.

    In short, there are things I really love about SGU, but other elements keep pushing the limits of my belief. Still, good episode that gives promise that the series is improving.

    • PS… I am really enjoying this blog, by the way. I sometimes disagree with your opinions (see above), but they are always well thought out and make me consider my own. Well done.

    • I see your point that Young might not have made it at all in the military. You are probably right there! I guess I see him as a guy who hit the wall with his career (before the show started) and who is now bucking the system because he no longer fears reprisals. The situation gives him a lot of leeway and he takes it. I certainly wouldn’t argue that he isn’t a week willed or personally flawed character. I think he has definitely has shown signs of both, but that is different from soft in my mind.

      No – not a perfect show, but one of the few currently on air that I can get genuinely snoopy-dancing excited about.

  2. After the most recent episode in which Young let Telford talk him into changing his orders repeatedly, I may have to jump to your side of the fence on this character. 😦

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