SGU cast

Rewatching Stargate Universe

SGU castWhat do I do when I’m not feeling well? Usually curl up in a blanket and read a book, but there are times when a book is just not the right choice. It might be that my brain is too foggy or my eyes are too irritated. Those are the times I turn to television. When my annual holiday cold left me in just such a state, I was thrilled to find Stargate Universe available on Netflix. Despite its faults, I really miss that show. So, I curled up in my blanket and started from the beginning. I found it delightful and enlightening. Yes, I said enlightening.

Here are a few of the things I learned:

  • If you’re ever invited to go on a spaceship, pack a bag so you don’t end up wearing a ‘you are here’ tee-shirt for the rest of your life.
  • If you’re looking for something on an alien planet, it will always be located at the maximum distance you can cover and still get back in however much time you have available.
  • People with secrets should NOT swap consciousnesses with people they don’t want to learn those secrets.
  • If your water supply mysteriously starts disappearing, be on the lookout for a cloud of dust-spec aliens.
  • And on a similar theme: a gun is not a good weapon to use against a cloud of dust-spec aliens.
  • If you’re going to strand your arch rival on an uninhabited planet, make sure there is no alien space junk lying around that might help him find a way off the planet.

During my second viewing of Stargate Universe I was also able to pick up on all the little threads dropping into place long before I saw them the first time around. The show was better crafted than I gave it credit for, which only makes me miss it more.

What TV shows do you miss?