SG Who?

My memories of the once beloved SGU are already beginning to blur. That’s right, mid-way through season two of Stargate Universe, SyFy is canceling the show. Strangely, I’m not as crushed as you might expect.

Despite some truly magnificent moments in this season (Young’s agonizing foray into mercy killing, Greer’s touching plea to Chloe, asking her to forgive him in advance for being the one who will have to kill her) the show had lost momentum and all of the elements that truly mattered to me. It took the brilliant first season of The Walking Dead to remind me what I’d loved about season one of SGU – the survival story. I was never enamored of the the expansive cast, liking only a few of them. And I was never bothered by the lack of a mission. It was always the dynamics of the mismatched castaways, the internal battles, and the struggle to survive that captivated me. I’d hoped the introduction of new cast members would invigorate season two and instead that opportunity was left to languish.

Ironically, I suspect it was attempts to pull in storylines that might appeal to the reluctant SG1 fans that actually killed the show for me.  Episodes like Cloverdale, where the crew spends time in one crew member’s delusional musings on an ideal life, might have been charming and funny in SG1 but seemed stupid and pointless in SGU. This series was never meant to replicate the charm of SG1, but to create something fresh and new in a much loved but aging world.

Despite my disappointment with where SGU had been going, it seems sad to see this fictional world go idle for the first time in fourteen years. So, the big questions is…will there be books? I know there have been a few books set around SG1 and SG-Atlantis, but nothing for SGU. Will this open the gates for further literary exploration? We can only hope.

Has anyone read any of the past Stargate books? Any recommendations? If you were going to read an SGU book, who would you most like to read about?