Podcast Review: I Should Be Writing

ISBW_logoI SHOULD BE WRITING  is a podcast by writer Mur Lafferty. Started in 2005 when she was an unpublished fiction writer- Mur began a podcast that covered writing topics, interviews with authors, and just the general day to day trials and emotional tribulations of becoming a writer. I SHOULD BE WRITING is a winner of both the  Podcast Peer Award and the Parsec Award. She is also former editor of Escape Pod , a fine podcast which does audio versions of SF stories from top writers.

For me the best part of I SHOULD BE WRITING covers the emotional aspects of being a writer: What does a wanna-be writing do when you feel like you have no emotional support?  How do you motivate yourself to keep going when you don’t seem to be making progress?  How can you set  goals for yourself and keep moving towards them? The heartfelt, honest advice as well as the stories she shares make listening to I SHOULD BE WRITING beneficial to any aspiring writer. There are also podcasts giving concrete advice on navigating a writing career. The most current Rapid Fire (short, themed) podcast covers the important topic of professional social networking at conventions. Mur Lafferty’s podcasts always convey her true excitement about writing and the SF/F field. Her hard work and  dedication is an inspiration for writers of any genre.

Mur Lafferty was nominated for her second John W.Campbell award for Best New Writer (2013)and her first traditionally published work, The Shambling Guide To New York City, is available May 28 at Amazon.

SITE: http://murverse.com/
TWITTER: @mightymur
AUDIENCE: Most shows are work safe; warnings are posted if that is not the case.

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  1. I used to listen to Mur and enjoyed her a lot. I think I somehow just fell out of touch with where she was with the cast. Still I’d agree it is a good one to give a try – especially if you are feeling like you’re all alone in this crazy thing we call writing.

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