Podcast Interview: The Rusted Robot


Brigitte and Shawn are the fun hosts of THE RUSTED ROBOT Podcast. They describe themselves as lovers of ‘the world of geek.’ Brigitte loves gaming. Shawn specializes in action figure collecting. On THE RUSTED ROBOT they have hosted interviews with SF writer ROBERT J. SAWYER and comic book artist and author SINA GRACE as well as a healthy dose of geeky talk.

Rusted Robot podcast
Twitter: @TheRustedRobot
RK: Tell us a little about yourselves and what made you decide to start a podcast.

RUSTED ROBOT: Shawn has been listening to various podcasts for a number of years.  All the hosts seemed to be having so much fun and we wanted to be a part of that world.  We talked about it for several months, throwing different ideas around.  Shawn loves classic movies and television, and toys, both old and new.  Brigitte loves playing games, especially The Legend of Zelda.  She is also a huge reader of comic books.  We thought this was a great basis to start from in designing the format for our podcast.

RK:  How do you define ‘the world of geek’?

RUSTED ROBOT: “The world of geek” is a place that everyone inhabits.  We all ‘geek-out’ about something, whether it be muscle cars, sports, or running.  Our world just happens to be one in which we geek out about games, toys, robots, science fiction and fantasy, comics, etc.

RK: How do you come up with show themes and ideas?

RUSTED ROBOT: Our show ideas sometimes come from what we have been doing that particular week.  Or, if there’s a holiday, we try to incorporate that into our robot theme.  Usually, an idea will pop into one of our heads, and then we will discuss it, see if it works for our show, and then go from there.  We also have a running list of show ideas that we use from time to time.  And we like to be funny.  On Star Wars Day, we reviewed an episode of Star Trek.

RK:  Shawn, tell us about a few of the stand out action figures in your collection?

RUSTED ROBOT: My favourite set of figures is the crossover line from Playmates, where the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are dressed up as the crew from the original Star Trek series.  My newest addition is ED-209 from NECA’s Robocop line-up.  I also really enjoy my extensive collection of robots, cyborgs, and android figures from various TV and film series.

RK: Brigitte, what are some games we should all be trying out…even those of us who have never done any gaming?

RUSTED ROBOT: I find that girls really like Candy Crush and Bejewelled.  Those are great starter games for casual players.  Anything in the Zelda franchise are fantastic because they incorporate the puzzle aspect girls tend to like. The DS Versions are a great place to start. Right now, I’m loving Animal Crossing on my 3DS. For a few games that are simple but fun, I would recommend Tetris, Nightsky, and Blek.

RK: We at SMART GIRLS love our SF romances. So, pick a favorite HUMAN/ROBOT (AI., and androids acceptable) romance and a favorite HUMAN/ALIEN romance and explain your choices.

RUSTED ROBOT: Our favourite Human/Robot pairing is Sam and Cherry from the 1987 film Cherry 2000.  In the film, Cherry is damaged and Sam must find a new body for her personality chip.  He goes on a long journey, and in the end, finds the love of a real woman.  We discuss the movie in episode 16 of our podcast

Our favourite Human/Alien romance is Rose Tyler and the Doctor (specifically, David Tennant’s Doctor).  Of all of the companions on the series, she was the only one he really loved.  He gave Rose a duplicate copy of himself when she had to be sealed off in an alternate dimension.  It’s a sad love story with a bit of a wistful, happy ending for Rose.