Review: Married to the MIB by Jennifer Colgan

MIB“I know what’s out there. It’s a hot, sexy, man looking for me.”


Tell me that doesn’t make you imagine Agent Kay and Jay with “Getting’ Jiggy With It” playing in the background?

Thank goodness this novella has NOTHING to do with that. Sorry for the sound worm.

The men in black in this novella are part of the Interstellar Security and Time Agency (ISTA). What they do? Not too sure. Only that they follow the orders from a small lady that I imagine must look like Edna Mode from “The Incredibles”. What is important is that they have the ability to flash hypnotize a person to extract details and then mind wipe. Nothing like the Hollywood MIB at all.

Our agents , Spence and Ruby are ordered to do such a task to our human borne heroine, Dulcie. Sounds pretty clear cut, only that Spence and Dulcie had known each other before. Had even been married to each other for a day before tragedy struck them apart. To save her life, she was sent to earth with her memories wiped. She has grown and lived a life on earth of her own but Spence is ordered to return to Dulcie to see if her memories will hold the truth of that tragic wedding day. A truth that could stop a major civil in space.

Wow. That sounds pretty dramatic doesn’t it? So much darkness. It was all just background.

What you have here is a sweet, funny, and romantic story between two lovers who are reunited. All of that dramatic stuff are just convenient ways for him to happen upon her. For me, the whole romantic bulk of this story was carried solely by his shoulder. To be ripped apart on your wedding day, separated from her for some bizarre ISTA reason, then allowed to see her for some bizarre ISTA reason, and then be forced to wipe her memories for some f**ked up ISTA reason. ISTA blows. After all that time, he still head the torch for her. That is major commitment gold folks. For this man to hold so much devotion to a woman, this woman must rock right? She must be so freaking sexy or wonderfully unique right?

Dulcie is meh.

Nothing spectacular is seen of her. She’s a regular girl in a regular world who so happens to have been married to an MIB. Every girl has woken up all hot and bothered from their dreamy man who we all have wished were real. She just so happened to draw the golden ticket that it was true. Although there is one weird thing about Dulcie. I don’t know what kind of earth this is, but who in their right state of mind would think that anyone could just walk in an anteater in the park.

An anteater. That is just a taste of many scenes that will have you snickering. I shall not ruin it for you.

As for the sexy times, what can you expect of two people just recently reunited? Oh it’s pretty steamy.

Yes. I am basing on Dulcie quite harshly. I am jealous. Do I have a guy like Spence currently orbiting in space pining away for me? Not unless I have just been mind-swiped, no. I will continue to be jealous. Until my special,sexy alien man comes crashing in on earth in his peculiar police box, I will continue to seethe and pout.

Length: novella

Primary Book Format: e-format

Publisher/Imprint: self-published

Blush Quotient: sweet, anticipating glow of red

Smart Girls Rating: 4