Podcast Review: Slice of SciFi

Slice of SciFi is a weekly news show covering SF, fantasy, horror and related media news.  Slice of SciFi also has a live streaming video show. The current hosts are Michael R. Mennenga, Brian Brown, and Samantha Roberts as well as a number of guest hosts and contributors. Producers are Jeffrey Willerth, Summer Brooks, and Manny Hebron. They currently have over 500 episodes.

Each podcast covers weekly news updates in the world of SF. Segments include interviews, convention reports, and discussion of latest movies, shows, and games. The hosts are fairly opinionated and often humorous, so it’s a great podcast to listen to. The podcast has been around since 2005, interviewing many famous names in the genre. Treat: a recent podcast interview (527) with Seth Gabel, Lincoln Lee of Fringe. (fan girl sigh). They also frequently have contests and giveaways.

Slice of Trivia is a fun segment in which contributors provide audio clips and the hosts play along quiz style. A recent example (March 5) focused on audition clips from familiar movies. I personally enjoyed hearing the original audition for Raiders of the Lost Ark, and the other famous name cast of the part as Indiana Jones. Another segment, Multiverse News   is an off-shoot of Slice of SciFi and has its own feed. It’s a short comedy segment, usually five minutes, organized by Martin Collins and Scott Purdy. The voicemail show, featuring listener feedback, is also entertaining.

Slice of SciFi is an official podcast of International Tabletop Day , which encourages people worldwide to enjoy the fun of tabletop games. Mark your calendars for March 30. 2013. More on that in my next post.


Site: http://www.sliceofscifi.com/

Forum: http://www.farpointforums.com/

Twitter: @sliceofscifi

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Sliceofscifi

Availability: Weekly

Audience: General audiences for the main show.


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2 thoughts on “Podcast Review: Slice of SciFi

  1. I used to listen to this podcast and dropped it because I simply had too much content to listen too. Now I’m rethinking. All the things you mentioned are my favorites. Love the multiverse news! The trivia is always a hoot! And they had Seth Gabel and I missed it – ack!

    Thanks for reminding me of this great podcast!

    • I dropped it for a while to mainly because they had spoilers for movies…and movies come out so late in Japan I didn’t want to hear about it. But I missed it too much, because it’s funny.

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