Werewolf at the DMV


Last week I went camping, we’ll get to that next post, but before the hubby and I went out into the wild I needed to make a pit stop. I headed to the DMV. Yes that place, the one with the long lines and lots of disgruntled people. Going to the DMV without an appointment requires large amounts of patience.

Which got me to thinking, what to werewolves think of the DMV. I mean really. How would you like to be a werewolf trapped in a room with all of those frustrated, angry people. Would you have to practice meditation in order to make it through.

I’m assuming you couldn’t use Yoga breathing since you’d just get more incensed with each breath?

I guess you would have to make sure that you didn’t go in when it was close to the full moon. Or, you better have a hookup because I could guarantee that you’d get a notice to renew your license just when it’s close to the full moon.

Nothing like waiting for your turn after taking a ticket reading 800 and discovering they are on 750 (I’m being kind to our werewolf). Think they’d stay slowly growing more hair? They’re voice getting growly?

Just imagine. Finally they call our werewolf’s name and they get to the head of the line and have to answer a ton of questions and then just when they think they are almost finished… BAM. They have to wait some more. Of course that’s when they’d take the picture for the Driver’s license.

And voila you have an awesomely bad Drivers license photo!

Honestly my photo isn’t bad. I’ve always had problems though with my passport photos. No I’m not going to show you.

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