Fangs, Fur and Fashion.

IMG243Today’s post is totally frivolous, I admit it. With that being said, I love fashion. I may not be able to afford Haute Couture but that doesn’t mean I don’t dress well.If you’re a werewolf can you really afford to spend a lot of money on clothes?

OK so let this take this step by step shall we?

In werewolf myth when a werewolf takes its wolf form, the change can be immediate and violent. Often causing the individual to shred their clothing in the process. Is this why werewolves have a reputation for having violent temper?

I think it’s part of the reason. Think about it. If I had to change without warning last Saturday and I ripped my new Calvin Klein dress to shreds I’d be pissed off too.  And you can bet your behind, that the person that made my change necessary was going to pay for it on top of the main reason as well.

What brought this up you ask? Well I was looking around some of my favorite fashion blogs and I knew I had to write this post. When I came across an article on Christian Louboutin, you know the designer of those gloriously beautiful shoes, that cost a lot (understatement, I know), this is what popped into my head.

Can you imagine losing a pair of those because of a challenge fight or because of an attack?

Oh but wait, I’m forgetting about the guys! Could you imagine having to explain why you have no pants to a random stranger or that you’re just trying to get back to your car where you actually have clothes (that goes for both guys and girls).

Even though werewolves are supposed to be in awesome shape, I think the police would still frown on public nudity.  I’m pretty sure only females might be able to get away with the damsel in distress.

So what do you think? Can werewolves be clothes horses?

I think so but it would take a lot of money.

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  1. Random Thoughts: Real World vs. Fantasy World Romance

    I wonder, how many heroes and heroines are on a budget? The fictional guys all seem to be fantasticaly wealthy.

    All vampires, werewolves and other assorted creatures are totally beautiful anyway. They look great naked, right? And they always manage to get away before the cops come. Of course, the love interest always gets a delicious peek at the goods first.

    Would I give up a pair of designer shoes to save someone in danger? Oh, yes.
    Would I give up my most comfortable, well fitted walking shoes? Let me think about that a while.

    • I’d still save someone but I’d be highly irritated doing it. I think I heard my hubby say that was a factor of my personality. 😉

  2. Love this train of thought! It does always seem to be the vampires that have the money and clothes, factors of a long life. The werewolves are often depicted as servants. I think they have a lot to be grumpy about. They probably deserve to all be gorgeous, just to balance things a bit. LOL. They can often make a sack cloth look good.

    • I need to do a bit more research on where that portion on the myth comes from. The vampires I think of as the Haute Couture connoisseurs.

  3. Love this! I’m working on a shifter story now and the hero says something about this very thing, how sudden changes can ruin a nice shirt : ) There are some mythos out there where the shifter can “take the clothes with them” when they shift (Jody Wallace’s Pack and Coven comes to mind) which is a handy skill.

  4. Great blog. Superheroes also have this problem. How many oxford shirts has Superman ruined changing in phone booths? And the Hulk’s ‘always expanding to cover his naughty bits pants’ are one of the seven wonders of the universe.

    • OMG Ruth I always wondered about the hulks magically expanding pants! Poor Clark Kent no wonder he was nervous, never knowing when he’d be forced to discard the clothing that he bought with his limited salary.

  5. I’ve thought about this one before too. My solution… lots of cheap and disposable clothes to wear when in danger of turning, clothes stored in weatherproof containers all over town for when the change happens, and when a werewolf buys an item of clothing he/she loves and is afraid of shredding or loosing, buy two.

    • Leti I believe you have hit upon a workable solution. 😉 A lot of authors use it in their books where their is always a stash of clothing at various location. Christine Warren and Nalini Singh to name a few. Though I think werewolves or shifters (I forget to mention them) might take the attitude of not getting too attached to any clothing.

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