SF Obscure: The Dresden Files


The Dresden Files was a short run TV series based on the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher. It ran for one season of twelve episodes in 2007. It follows the adventures of Harry Dresden, a Chicago wizard. Harry’s father was a stage musician and his mother a powerful witch. He was raised by his uncle, Justin Morningway, who used black magic and turn Harry had to use it against him. Harry uses his skills to help the police investigate unusual crimes. He is generally assisted by a police officer name Lt. Murphy who he might have thing for and ‘Bob’ and old spirit encased in a skull-later given a body-who consults magical lore.

Most of the shows involve the use of dark magic, people in trouble, and Harry’s attempts to help them. There are other supernatural characters introduced-vampires and other wizards of a high Council. They are generally episodic stories so you don’t have to follow a long arc; but it is nicer to watch it in order. They are some plot points overlapping with the books, but it’s a different show.
It took me a few episodes to like the Harry Dresden actor(Paul Blackthorne) but he started to grow on me. Bob has a body in the series-I vaguely remember that he was a skull for most of the books. And there wasn’t a Thomas Raith, Harry’s vampire half brother. Murphy was the character that was difficult to get used to; the look and style of the series seems off from my image of the books. She’s not a bad actress and the writing for her characters improves as the series progresses.

I enjoyed my re-watch of the series. It was better than I remember or I simply appreciated it more. Part of the reason was that it’s been some time since I read the books so I wasn’t mixing my book image of the series with the television show. That meant I was more willing to judge the series on its own merits. Another reason is because this series, unlike many paranormal series’, is an urban fantasy that isn’t YA or NA. I have nothing against those, but I do think I have felt a bit oversaturated with the younger vampires, wizards, and whatnot so this stood out as a welcome respite.

Anyone else remember The Dresden Files?