More Authors for your reading pleasure!

I’m back ! Just as promised. I’m trying to back into the rhythm of blogging regularly. Chance can make it easier for you to break habits and reestablishing a habit shouldn’t be as hard as making a new one. I hope. So thanks for reading this I really appreciate it.

Discovering new authors is always exciting to me. My to be read pile is over flowing and I hope yours is too. Here are another three authors from the conference in Georgia!

Unexpected Metamorphosis (Alissia Roswell Book 1)

Join Alissia on her perilous quest full of adventure, magic, and romance as she travels the challenging road of finding one self, maybe even love along the way.





Grave Danger (Blue Star Babies Trilogy Book 1)

Chased by murderous zombies and dealing with frightened humans, Maverick and Daniel must face their feelings for each other, once and for all. Maverick’s ability to bring back life is in direct opposition to Daniel’s mutated powers as a destroyer. They can never be fully together, and now locked in the life and death destruction of a broken world, they can the never be apart.





Haunting Refrain


When music teacher Sarah Overby finds ghosts in her attic, she hesitates to tell her best friend, William McKeown. She doesn’t think he’ll understand. He has looked after her for as long as she can remember. Telling him he lived a previous life as her husband will make him think she is crazy.


Be back again, with some other authors you might enjoy and may just maybe some spooky pictures from Halloween! 🙂