Hello Everybody!

You’re probably wondering who I am.IMG_9165b

I’m a friend of Charlee’s and a lurker here on the blog. I’m an Island girl, born in the US, raised on the tiny Caribbean Island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and now living in the US again. A Wife, mother, writer and a lover of all things fiction. I write both Contemporary, Sci-Fi and Paranormal Romance. I’ve really got a thing for werewolves, must be the all that hair.

I think my love of the paranormal began at my granny’s knee listening to “Jumbie” stories. Jumbie’s are ghost out to do mischief in the Caribbean and encountering one is never good thing. Just thinking about those stories now, the way she would sit in her rocking chair. Comfortable in her house coat and the beginnings of a smile on her face, which would gradually widen as she leaned forward to deliver her punch line, makes the hair on my body stand on end.

Did I mention that I have a vivid imagination? Listening to granny describe grandpa’s encounter with one, in the dark of the night, on a mountain side was enough to ensure that I lay quivering under my sheets, listening to the wind howl through my windows ( we lived on a hill) and praying for dawn.

As I got older I discovered Anne Rice, her Vampire Chronicles and The Lives of the Mayfair witches. She has brilliant twisted mind that alternately called to me and creeped me out. So began my affair with the undead.

Though I do have to tell you it was probably a combination of the book of revelations, and Michael Jackson’s Thriller, that started my fascination with zombies.

I haven’t even touched all the questions fairy tales, fables, folklore and mythology raised or my initial love of scary movies and Freddy Kruger, but I guess we have time enough for that. Thanks to Charlee for having me.

It’s nice to meet you all and I hope you enjoy what I have to offer. Shiny?


13 thoughts on “Hello Everybody!

  1. While I can never get enough of Charlie’s reviews, I look forward to reading yours and seeing the insights sparked by your personal cultural background.

    Also, your description of Jumbies is very intriguing. Do you have any stories based around them? Love to read (and thus review) them if so… though Charlie will tell you whether or not I’ve the best person to do so… still the description of your grandmother listening to the tales really sounds awesome.

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