Smart Girls dons some shininess to greet the future!

Hi everyone! I thought I’d pop in to fill you in on what’s been happening around the blog. The blog is now two and a half years old and, while it is still fun for me and a passion of mine, I struggled a bit to keep the content coming this past year. It was just a matter of time management or my lack thereof.  You were awesome to stick around even in the slow times and that convinced me that I had to find a way to keep the blog shiny and growing.

smartgirlThe Look
Part of the shininess is a new look for the blog. If you’ve been reading the posts on your reader or in your email, drop by the site and take a look around. I miss my old header, but the new theme does a much better job of showing off the content. I’d love to hear what everyone things of the new look.

The Team
Yes, there is now a TEAM. Cool or what? In the Fall, my good pal Chudney offered to do a weekly post, focusing more on the long under-served paranormal romance side of the blog, starting in 2013. I thought it was a great idea and she’ll be starting with an introduction tomorrow. Please make her feel welcome.

Ready for Reviews
After signing up Chudney, I figured the time was right to really shake things up. Back in July my post SFR reviews, are you getting enough? led to a good discussion and left me feeling sure there was plenty of interest in getting more book reviews in the SciFi romance genre. So, last month I put out a call for SFR reviewers and contributors.

This yielded two more great additions to the blog. You can find bios for Toni and Misa on the Meet the Team page. They’re both now working on their first review for the blog.  I’m also talking to another possible contributor that I’m really excited about and I would still like to add one more book reviewer. To go along with the plan to do reviews, I’ve posted review policies, a ratings key  and some information for potential guest bloggers. Hopefully, having these things clearly posted will make things easier for folks who’d like to contribute content to the blog or request reviews.

Don’t Panic!
For anyone worried about how all this change will affect the blog, rest assured that I’m still here blogging and sharing recommendations for my favorite books and scif media. Even more important, you’re still here! The fabulous community you have created is really the most awesome thing about the blog, so keep commenting, discussing, and being the smart guys and girls you are.

Coming Up
Last but not least, here are a few of the things you can look forward to in January.

1/8 – Charlee recommends Caught in Amber by Cathy Pegau

1/18 – Author Jessica Subject guest post and giveaway.

1/22 – Author Eleni Konstantine guest post.

1/31 – Charlee talks about the SFR Galaxy Awards

Dates to be determined:

Charlee recommends Strings on a Shadow Puppet by T.L. Evans (military espionage scifi)

Toni reviews Night Whispers by Alisha Rai (post-apocalyptic romance)

Misa reviews Fight or Flight by Vanessa North (scifi courtroom romance)

I look forward to your thoughts on the blog.

24 thoughts on “Smart Girls dons some shininess to greet the future!

  1. This is a great blog, and since you’re growing, I’m wondering if you have any readers interested in helping new writers polish their work. I’ve published numerous short non-fiction pieces over the years, but as a working stiff, I never had time to follow my heart & write my own futuristic romance novel until recently. I’d love some constructive criticism, but none of my friends share my taste for the genre. Can you offer any advice about finding readers who might be willing to help?

    • Hi Kaye! I don’t have anyone on the team that works with writers, but I’m sure I can come up with some suggestions for finding what you need. I’m headed to my pillow right now, but I’ll drop you an email tomorrow.

      Until then!

      • Hello Ladies! Love the site Charlee, I’ll be stopping in often. Kaye, I’m also working on a Sci-Fi Romance. I’d love to form an online group or simply email circle for SFR crit group. I read one of your hot and steamy excerpts and loved it. You really know how to keep it going! Let me know if you’re interested.

  2. Charlene shiny or not this place still feels like a good site to drop by and stay awhile, and congratulations to new team members as looking forward to your contributions.

  3. Love what you;re doing and, in truth, suspect I’ll end up doing something similar in the next couple of years (for reasons you are all too aware of).

    I also love the new moving banner (cool… email me on how you did that when you have time), and liked the intro to Chudney (who sounds really interesting).

    Even so, I will miss each article you don’t write (though I know you will still keep it up) and the image of the clearly intelligent and so extremely attractive woman with the ponytail reading whatever bizarre type of flexy reader she’s got. I’ve come to quite like her. She reminds me of my wife.

    Still, I look forward to the changing venue and will count on your keeping to your word and not disappearing from the blog.

    • Thanks, Thomas. Chudney is awesome. Glad you think so, too. One day, in my tons of free time, I’m going to try to do something with our sexy smart girl on the background. Wish me luck!

      Don’t worry about post I won’t write. I actually think I’ll probably posting more than last year. Just maybe not book reccomendations (though I’ll do some of those). So I hope to have more content than ever!

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