Warning: if you read this post, you might just get Caught in Amber.

Caught_In_Amber_cvrOn the mining planet of Navarro, the seductive and highly addictive drug of choice is a cinnamon-gold substance called amber.  In Caught in Amber by Cathy Pegau, no one knows the allure of Amber, better than Sasha.  With the help of a stint in a correctional rehab and a chip in her neck that curbs her physical need for the drug, Sasha is a recovering addict and determined to stay that way.

Normally it might not be smart to trust an addict, but Agent Nathan Sterling is impressed by Sasha’s strength and is convinced she’s changed from the once spoiled party girl that got hooked. Besides, he has no choice. Sasha is his only chance at saving his sister from the same soul-stealing addiction and the seductive lifestyle of the biggest drug lord on the planet… the man who corrupted Sasha and is still in love with her.

Almost from the beginning Nathan hates involving Sasha in that life again, but it’s his baby sister’s life at stake. Swearing to protect Sasha and rescue his sister, Nathan uses Sasha to gain access to the drug lord in exchange for the promise that the chip that monitors her every move will be removed. As the rescue plans drag them all into dangerous territory, the attraction and respect between Nathan and Sasha build.

The author kept me on the edge of my seat with action and danger at every turn. I worried, not only for the safety of both women, but for the terrible risk that Sasha could be caught by the drug that nearly ruined her once before. Her physical addiction might be curbed, but her psychological addiction still lurks. I could feel her fear and admire her courage as she takes ever more dangerous risks.

The author does a masterful job of portraying Nathan’s frustration and fear that he won’t be able to keep her safe and allaying any worries I might have had that his actions made him less than heroic.  I didn’t need to judge him harshly when he was doing that for himself.

No matter that it was her call, her decision. It still felt wrong to leave her behind. Out in the cold night air, Sterling cast a last glance at the door as it locked behind him. He walked to his car, hands shoved in his pockets. Aware that Christiansen had cameras covering him, he got in and drove away, ignoring the feeling his head was about to explode. Like it was only natural for him to leave ao former addict with one of the worst dealers on the planet.

And leaving the woman he’d sworn to protect in a dangerous situation was the best was to show he cared what became of her.

Sterling drove out of the industrial park, past the guards at the gate, his hand white-knuckled on the controls. Less than a kilometer from the site, he pulled over and pounded the dashboard with both fists. “f*#@!” He slammed out each successive syllable. “f*#@  f*#@ f*#@!”

The author also provided a deliciously creepy portrayal of the drug dealer. Kind and solicitous of Sasha when she appears to be ready to return to him, we can easily see how the young Sasha could have been drawn in.  He is just as convincingly dangerous, and when roused, his temper and violent behavior seem just as much a part of him and doubly terrifying.

If you’re looking for an addicting mix of romance, suspense, and action, in a science fiction setting; you should definitely get Caught in Amber.

Genre: SciFi Romance
Length: Novel
Primary Book Format: e-Book
Publisher: Carina
Publication Date: January 28, 2013 (Available for Pre-Order)
Blush Quotient: Pink

Also have to add that I love this cover! What do you think?

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    • And this cover, in my opinion, illustrates why the cover doesn’t always have to match the story exactly. The hair color is right, but the make-up shown is never described in the book. Without it on the cover it wouldn’t feel as scifi.

      You can thank new SG team member Misa for requesting a heat level indicator. I will take credit for the title – I wanted something fun but subtle. I love the ‘sheets on fire’ sort of thing for other bloggers but that just isn’t me.

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