Fairy Tales the original PNR

Here I’ve been scouring list again. With a documentary on Queen on in the background, I’ve been pouring over the list again. Looking for  themes and plots and finally my brain decided to throw me a bone. I got a flash of Damon Suede standing in front of a room filled with romance writers and readers alike watching Red Riding Hood. You know, the one with Amanda Siegfried?

Anyway it got me to thinking, aren’t fairy tales the originators of Paranormal Romance? So into my All Ready Read Pile and To Be Read Pile to find books I’d read based or inspired by the stories that we heard or read growing up as children.

The first that came to mind was ironically, the first in Mercedes Lackey’s Five Hundred Kingdom’s Series: The fairy Godmother.

Not an actual fairy tale, but everyone has had the thought: Who is the fairy god mother? Or at least wondered where she comes from. This one attempts to answer the question.

I stumbled upon this updated  retelling of Little Red Riding Hood by Kate Serine.

It’s a little gritty. 🙂 night all.