Fairy Tales the original PNR

Here I’ve been scouring list again. With a documentary on Queen on in the background, I’ve been pouring over the list again. Looking for  themes and plots and finally my brain decided to throw me a bone. I got a flash of Damon Suede standing in front of a room filled with romance writers and readers alike watching Red Riding Hood. You know, the one with Amanda Siegfried?

Anyway it got me to thinking, aren’t fairy tales the originators of Paranormal Romance? So into my All Ready Read Pile and To Be Read Pile to find books I’d read based or inspired by the stories that we heard or read growing up as children.

The first that came to mind was ironically, the first in Mercedes Lackey’s Five Hundred Kingdom’s Series: The fairy Godmother.

Not an actual fairy tale, but everyone has had the thought: Who is the fairy god mother? Or at least wondered where she comes from. This one attempts to answer the question.

I stumbled upon this updated  retelling of Little Red Riding Hood by Kate Serine.

It’s a little gritty. 🙂 night all.

5 thoughts on “Fairy Tales the original PNR

  1. This is actually a sub-genre that I truly enjoy. There are so many fairy tale inspired books out there. Selena Kitt has an entire series of fairy tale books. Though hers tend to be pretty much pure erotica I found that the Real Mother Goose, although very erotic, also had a fascinating story happen too. Sabrina York has a book, Lust Eternal, that is inspired by the Genie in the Bottle. A very interesting take on the story. Recently released is yet another Beauty and the Beast story. I don’t remember the author off the top of my head, it’s on my wish list to be added to my tbr list. Actually there is more than one Beauty and the Beast story out there right now. One of my favorites as well as the Cinderella stories. There are a lot of those too. Just got another Cinderella story today. Yep! Love this sub-genre, because it crosses so many genres in the paranormal realm and no matter how sexed up it may become, it is usually pretty romantic too. Thank you for sharing these new to me tales. I will need to check them out.

    • Thanks for stopping by Pansy Petal. I love seeing what authors can do with the stories. Eloisa James does this often, I wanted to add her to the list but she’s Historical)

      • I like this post. I think fairytales work so well because the characters are representations of types of people & that is readily adaptable. I read a self pub Beauty and Beast story called BEAST by Pepper Pace which was really interesting because it was contemporary, no paranormal aspects etc. yet completely in the tradition of the tale.

  2. It’s interesting how fairy tales can be adapted to so many genres. They’re the framework of our storytelling traditions. I like to see them as the original writing prompts because happily ever after is ripe for interpretation.

    • The social behavior geek in me agrees with you. It’s always fun to look at the similarities in fairy tales from different cultures and watch how they’ve been adapted over and over again for storytelling. Thanks for stopping by!

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