PNR set in New Orleans

Thanks to Charlee for posting the good news. I’m a featured author at Coastal Magic 2015. I can’t contain my joy. I know I’ve been absent but I’ve been in the cave editing and attempting to stay alive.

I am finally recovered from the crud that I caught after Rt Book lovers Convention. All that partying in The Big Easy combined with so many people in one place and I went down like I’d been TKO’d the week after. My family is happy that there is food in the house.

So in honor of the city that brought me to my knees. I give you Paranormal Romance set in New Orleans.

We start with a mystery man inĀ  Masked by Moonlight by Nancy Gideon.


A mortal unaware of her power in Blood Seduction from Pamela Palmer.

An empath trying to deal with a ghost in Haunted on Bourbon Street by Deanna Chase.

These are just a few of those PNR’s set in New Orleans. I feel that I will have to return as I didn’t even make it out of the Quarter. But the beignets oh the beigneits and the hot chocolate at the Cafe Du Monde call my name.