Wednesday SciFi Romance Round-Up

Week of 5/11/2016 – You know the drill, so here goes…

Every Wednesday we announce new releases, the week’s bestsellers and a selection of on sale or free SciFi Romance books.   The purpose of this post is to take a look at what is out there. I have not read all of these and I always recommend sampling before you buy.

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SFR New Releases

Reader Abduction (Alien Abduction Book 7) by Eve Langlais

readerabductionPrice: $2.99

On Amazon

Length: 132 pages
Pub Date: May 9, 2016

An alien fantasy brought to life… From the moment Brigitte lays eyes on the male model dipped in purple, hired for the galactic party, she is thrown into a tizzy—mostly because of his stolen kiss. Imagine her shock once she realizes he’s not an actor. This purple alien is for real! And Phyr didn’t come alone.

WHERE THERE’S A WILL (Panopolis  #3) by Cari Z.

WhereTheresAWill_500x750Price: $4.99

Available from Riptide

Page count: 269
eBook release: May 2, 2016

Being a Hero in Panopolis means living the high life. I should be enjoying myself. Unfortunately, the downside of my superpower means I can’t touch anyone, which tends to put a damper on things.

I don’t trust my corporate overseers, but they’ve hired a new scientist who actually seems interested in helping me. Dr. Mansourian might have the answers—not to mention a starring role in most of my dreams—but he’s hiding something big. If I let him have what he wants, I might not live to regret it.

The Slave Planet by Seven Steps

slaveplanetPrice $2.99  KU **Now $0.99 

On Amazon

Length: 331 pages
Pub Date: May 2, 2016

On a planet where love is outlawed, two women will give up everything to be with the slaves they love.

Renegade Leo (Shifter Kings of Kartak Book 1) by Delores Diamond

renegadePrice: $0.99 KU **Time Limited Price

Exclusively on Amazon

Pub Date: April 30, 2016

When I crash land on Kartak, I lose all my supplies and my only friend. With an inhospitable environment, violent natives, and an apocalyptic cult hunting me… death stalks me at every turn.

My only chance to survive is by taking shelter with a brutal alpha lion shifter. Deadly but irresistible, he declares me his fated mate… and leaves me walking on the knife’s edge between pleasure and fear.

In the struggle to save my own life, I will have to choose: the danger of a fierce, frightening mate… or certain death without his protection.

Chosen by the Governor by Jaye Peaches

chosengovenorPrice: $4.95

On Amazon

Pub Date: April 28, 2016

When she is caught spying on the alien empire which has conquered Earth, Freya is shipped off to a prison colony on the distant planet Tagra.  Marco takes his job as governor of Tagra seriously, but from the moment he first encounters Freya he cannot keep the feisty Earthling off his mind. Though Marco quickly proves he will not hesitate to punish Freya when she defies the rules of the colony, her burning backside does nothing to diminish her growing need for him to claim her, but can she dare to hope that Marco will one day see her as more than just his prisoner and his plaything?

Free SFR

Birth of an Empire: The Beginning (Xarrok Series Book 1) by Catrina Taylor


Free on Amazon

Length: 362 pages
Pub Date: Dec 6, 2013

A timid slave meets a battle hardened soldier when two minds come together across light years. Together they will seed the change that must come for an entire sector.

The Iron Admiral: Conspiracy (Ptorix Empire Book 1) by Greta van der Rol


Free on Amazon

Print Length: 242 pages
Pub Date: February 4, 2014

Amid rising inter-species tensions, brilliant systems Engineer Allysha Marten takes one last job to rid her of debts and her cheating husband. On the mysterious planet Tisyphor she meets a security guard who wins her trust and her affection. Like her, he suspects that there’s more to the operation on Tisyphor than reopening an abandoned mine. Together, they uncover a plot that threatens to plunge the Galaxy into inter-species war.

Bad Vibrations (The Sedona Files Book 1) by Christine Pope

vibrationsFree on Amazon

Length: 263 pages
Pub Date: July 19, 2011

Psychic Persephone O’Brien thinks she’s always prepared for the unexpected, but when she reaches out to distractingly attractive ufologist Paul O’Brien for help, the two of them soon find themselves drawn into a far-reaching conspiracy that sends the two of them on the run — as well as into each other’s arms. And after Paul is captured by sinister agents, Persephone finds herself joining forces with an unlikely group of UFO hunters to rescue Paul and derail an alien plot before it’s too late.

SFR Pre-Orders

The Champion of Barésh (Star World Frontier Book 1) by Susan Grant

championPrice: 3.99

On Amazon

Length: 285 pages
Pub Date: May 26, 2016

A desperate woman from an impoverished world makes a daring gamble with a bad-boy prince hell-bent on restoring his family’s honor. But her scandalous secret puts both of their lives at risk and alters the course of their worlds forever.

Kyele’s Passion: A World Beyond Book 4 
by Michelle Howard

kyelespassionPre-order Price: $3.99

On Amazon
Length: 217 pages
Pub Date: May 18, 2016

Being a Jutak warrior is all Kyele Bastien cares about until one mission changes everything. The Earth female has carved a place in his heart without even trying and now he’ll do anything to make sure nothing ever hurts her again.

Rescued from a Marenian slave auction, Joni Miller is relieved to have her life back but there’s one man making it difficult to remember why she shouldn’t want to think about happy ever after any more.

An enemy’s need for revenge puts Joni in the path of danger and unleashes the fury of an elite soldier with dark abilities.

Redeemed By Rilic: Olodian Alien Warrior Romance by Mychal Daniels

RedeemedrilicPre-order Price: $2.99

On Amazon

Length: 417 pages
Pub Date: May 17, 2016

As a crew member of the long-term Earth expedition to find Alien Life, Avery is the head botanist and producer of living food for the expedition fleet. When something goes terribly wrong and she’s blamed for contaminating the crew, she must find a way to redeem her work and good name–even if it means accepting the help from a too sexy for his own good god-like Alien, named Rilic.

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