SF Obscure: Eerie, Indiana & Pushing Daisies

This week I discuss shows that stand out for quirkiness. Not always paranormal; sometimes SF. A bit of comedy, a bit of drama, even a dash of terror. There is no clear category for quirky shows (and maybe that’s why they don’t last long) but the short time they run they manage to make an impression.
Eerie, Indiana

This was a short lived 19 episode series that originally ran on NBC 1991-1992 and later in syndication on Fox and the Disney channel. ( as far as I’ve been able to find out)

Eerie, Indiana is primarily the story of Marshall Teller who moves from New Jersey to Eerie, Indiana when his father gets a job with Things, Incorporated, a product testing company. He teams up with a kid named Simon and they both agree that Eerie, Indiana is an extremely odd town despite its normal appearance. Among many adventures, there is a mysterious ATM with its own agenda; a bureau that takes care of things that are lost; evil Tupperware; dogs plotting to take over the world; the Unkind bikers gang;and a Bigfoot that roams around town. Also Elvis.

It’s a neat show to watch and surprisingly sophisticated. Mostly I enjoyed the endless creativity of new things to discover in the town. It’s slightly dated-the clothes look early 90’s and the slang sounds goofy now-but still a good show to rewatch.
Pushing Daisies

If Eerie, Indiana is the quirky show for kids, this is the one to watch for the parents. Pushing Daisies aired from 2007-2009 for two seasons of 22 episodes. It centers around a guy named Ned who makes pie and has the ability to bring the dead back to life with a touch. If he touches them a second time, they are permanently dead. If they stay alive longer than a minute, something or someone in the vicinity alive also dies.

Ned owns a shop called the ‘Pie Hole’ which he runs with a waitress named Olive Snook who has a crush on him. He teams up with a private investigator named Emerson Cod, who use Ned’s talent to solve murders. He also revives an old girlfriend named Chuck, whom he loves but can never kiss again. There are also two aunts who used to work as synchronized swimming performers and two half brothers who are aspiring magicians. Another subplot involves Emerson Cod searching for his con artist ex wife and their daughter via a children’s pop-up book to guide her back to him. There are also musical performances and a cosmetics company plagued by bee related deaths.

Mainly, Pushing Daisies was just fun to watch. The sets were a delight and the dialogue fast paced and witty.


So readers, any quirky shows you care to mention?

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  1. I have a vague memory of Pushing Daisies. Didn’t see it all. Life, ya know. But Erie, Indiana? Missed that entirely, but it sounds fun. I need to check that out. Quirky show I have seen and liked – Dead Like Me.

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