Redemption: Keir’s Fall

Recommend by: Riley

Is anyone else out there anticipating this book like I was? Awaiting Keir’s Fall is kind of like preparing for the release of The Force Awakens. I really looked forward to it because Keir (like the Star Wars franchise) is such an awesome book. The bar was set pretty darn high. But what if the sequel (or the new movie) it is no good? Would I survive the disappointment?

I felt a combination of apprehension and excitement as I started reading Keir’s Fall. But soon, these feelings were swept aside by the story. I got caught up in the continuing saga of Quin and Keir. The couple got to enjoy a year of blissful peace after the events of Keir. Sadly, things will change for them.

When the couple visits Quin’s son Gethyon, Nercaandian Empress Tyra-Lee attacks the planet, intent on total destruction. Keir is taken prisoner and catches the attention of the empress. She is an evil bitch, consumed with conquering all. But as she takes an interest in Keir, she gets a bit distracted. Keir’s battle to maintain his identity under the manipulative powers of the empress parallels Quin’s desperate attempt to find and rescue Keir. Each leg of this story has intense emotional content that will combine with a lot of action and some great secondary characters. This book was very hard to put down once I started it.

Quin is three hundred years old. There were times when she came across as a younger woman. Much younger. She had none of the patience that a three hundred year old woman ought to have plenty of. And she was kind of whiny. It was difficult to find the strong confident woman that saved the blue demon in Keir. I blame her medical condition and desperate situation. But I can’t decide if I liked seeing this flaw in Quin, or if I would prefer to see more strength in her. Keir, on the other hand, while still full of self-doubt when it comes to being blue, has developed into a force to be reckoned with, even when the empress had him under her spell.

So let’s talk about the Empress Tyra-Lee. Crazy? Twisted might be a better word. Evil? Do good people destroy inhabited planets? Beloved by her people? Not really. And therein lies the key to her motivation. Even a villain wants to be loved. This desire will drive Tyra-Lee to wreak havoc on planets and people. Now I see why Ms. Jay made the villain the main subject of the book cover. It is a bold move that bucks the trend. Or maybe it will start a new trend. Personally, in fiction, I really love ‘good’ villains. They can make or break the story and don’t get enough bad publicity!

It will be up to Quin and Keir to keep Tyra-Lee from becoming Empress of the Galaxy. It is not easy and will put both of them in peril. In Keir’s Fall, both Quin and Keir get captured and both get to charge to the rescue one or more times. This equal opportunity rescuing is a theme that began in Keir and will surely continue with two strong and headstrong characters. And I would expect nothing less.

So back to my thoughts of the first paragraph. Does Keir’s Fall stack up to Keir? Keir is awesome and it is so hard to beat awesome. If I had to rank the two books, Keir would be first. But Keir’s Fall is well worth picking up and losing a few hours to. It belongs on the shelf right next to Keir and if you enjoyed one, you are sure to enjoy the other.

The author provide an copy so I could bring this post to you.

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