Author Interview: Michelle Deiner

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ECHO: What attracts you to the romance genre, particularly SF/futuristic romance?

MICHELLE: Love and romance are a big part of being human, and a significant driver in many of the decisions we make, so it makes sense that it would be an important element of fiction. And love, and the dance to get into a relationship, is fun, and especially in action-intensive stories like I love writing, romance is the soft note, the fun element. The thrill of first attraction, the warm tug of falling in love, are good feelings to feel, and I enjoy weaving those good feelings through my story.

ECHO: Are you more plot driven or character driven?

MICHELLE: I tend to have big plots, but the characters always come first for me, they are my starting point, so I’d have to say both, equally.

ECHO: What is your ideal writing environment?

MICHELLE: Peace, quiet, and a good cup of coffee in easy reach 🙂

ECHO: What other hobbies or outside interests keep you inspired as a writer?

MICHELLE: I love baking, and when I hit a problem in my story, I often bake as I think about how to solve it. I love walking and yoga, too, and will often think about my work, especially when I’m walking. I’m usually just trying to keep up with the instructor at yoga 🙂

ECHO: Please tell us a bit about your most recent project.

MICHELLE: I’m in the final stretch of a sequel to DARK HORSE, which I’m really excited about. It’s a continuation of the story arc I started in DARK HORSE, and although Rose, Sazo and Dav, the main characters from DARK HORSE, do get a mention, DARK DEEDS has a different heroine, hero and Class 5 ship.

ECHO: Do you have a guilty pleasure terrible movie you like to watch?

MICHELLE: My husband and I joke about a movie which I haven’t watched for years, and don’t know if I could even ever find again, that my housemate and I used to love to watch at university. It’s a kung fu movie called PAY OR DIE, and it is hilariously bad. The same Ford Cortina is blown up or involved in a spectacular car chase about five or six times in the movie. It’s one of those movies where the script is so bad, it’s good, and my housemate and I used to use lines from the movie all the time. Good times 🙂

ECHO: What mythical creature would you like as a pet?

MICHELLE: I would love a brownie. I know dragons or phoenixes and so on are sexier, but firstly, space, and secondly, brownies do the housework. There is just no other mythical creature that can top that.

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  1. I just finished Dark Horse a couple of days ago, and I am so happy to hear there will be a sequel. It was wonderfully imaginative.

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