Everything Has to End Sometime……What I Learned From the Doctor.

Gulf CoastHi everyone! Most of you probably know that Smart Girls Love SciFi Romance will soon be closing its doors. This is a bittersweet event in my life. I am sad to see it go, but I rejoice in the time I have been affiliated with this blog.

Each week I have looked forward to Charlee’s rundown of new and recent releases and usually ended up adding at least one title to my TBR list. I was always entertained by Echo’s SF Obscure and her author interviews, which also had the same affect of growing my TBR list. And I have truly enjoyed sharing my books recommendations with you. I hope some of you found something that caught your interested.

The end of Smart Girls is more than just an ending.  The last year has been quite eventful for me and this is just one more event leading to other things.  Now I will be spending my energy in other places. The first place is my new job. After 30 years as an information technology professional, I retired in January. But I knew I was not the sit-at-home type, so I immediately began looking for a new job/career. Let me tell you it is not easy finding a job when you don’t want to work in IT anymore. But the job hunt has finally paid off. I am now the Director of our local public library. There are a lot of great things about this job. It is near by (previously, I commuted 50 or more miles when not telecommuting). It is part time – or so they say. And there are books! Although the SciFi proportion is distressingly low. I’ll have to work on that!

Sidney Public Library

I will also be able to spend more time on my own blog. About the time I retired, I also started Whiskey With My Book. While SciFi is my first love, I actually enjoy many genres. Having my own blog allows me to read, review and feature a variety of books: SciFi, historical, paranormal, and fantasy – with and without romance. I invite you to stop by and visit my blog. I hope you will find something you like there and if you do, please follow me! Of course, I will still be reading lots of SciFi romance and posting my reviews there. Most Fridays I post ‘What Are You Reading This Weekend?’ It starts with some art that took my fancy. My taste in art is as varied as my taste in books, so you might find something you like there too! At the end of the post I list the book I am currently reading and invite you to tell me what you are reading. I always enjoy learning what books appeal to my friends!

Whiskey With My Book

And a cozy spot to enjoy them them both.

If you are an author, I invite you to contact me through the Author Information page if you have a new release coming up. Reviews, new release features, cover reveals, guest posts and interviews are all possible posts at Whiskey With My Book. And right now, I have quite a few open dates!

Later this week, Echo and Charlee will say good-bye and Charlee will also tell you where to go to get the latest SciFi Romance news.

Speaking of Charlee, I would like to express my appreciation to her for making me part of her team. Not only have I learned quite a bit about blogging, I have had such a great time! She has been wonderful to work with. Charlee, I wish you well as an author and I hope you sell many books. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of the awesome team at Smart Girls!

And thank you to all the readers who stopped by to read my recommendations. It really has been fun. I’ll see you in the comments!