Celebrating The SFR Heroine and Nerdy Girls Everywhere

Here it is! The post I teased earlier today on Facebook…. And your chance to have some fun and win big!

I was contacted recently about BILLBOARD pop artist and all around nerdy girl, Emii. You may have heard her latest single Heart in a Box, climbing the charts or you might have seen her in Rolling Stone, on YouTube, iTunes or you may have even seen her scifi-themed music video for “Freakier Freak” on the gaming and Sci-Fi website IGN a few years back. In case she is totally new to you, you can check her music out on Sound Cloud here: https://soundcloud.com/emiimusic

Soooo, after checking to make sure they hadn’t gotten the wrong blog – LOL – I set up a post with her on Thursday. And learning about some of the cool geek girl stuff she is into, made me think – hey, she’s one of us! It also made me think about what we want from our SFR heroines. You’ll understand why later. But we had such fun back in the summer picking our favorite SFR hero, I thought this would be the perfect time to do the same with heroines.



swagemiiPrizeFirst up, we need to nominate some of our favorite heroines in scifi romance. You can use the comments here or on our Facebook page to nominate your favorites. Be sure to include the heroine’s name, the book or movie title, and why you think she is a great SFR heroine. I’ll compile them and post a poll so everyone can vote on Thursday. The best part? Just by nominating, you are entered to win our prize pack.* It includes blog swag and amazon gift card from us here at the blog AND an EP from Emii. Fun, right? *Apologies I have to do US only since this one requires a bit of shipping and there is media involved. But Intl can still nominate.

I’m so excited to hear, not only which heroines you love (cause my TBR list is too short y’all), but also because I want to hear what qualities you think make a good heroine.


I’m also looking forward to Thursday when Emii will be sharing one of her favorite SFR movie heroines. A hint there might be a big bada boom involved!  I knew she would fit right in on the blog when I found out she likes collecting movie props: like her Cloud Buster sword from Final Fantasy VII and her Men in Black noisy cricket. Emii is also very involved in her No More campaign, an anti-violence group helping victims of abuse and helping young women in particular.

Here is Emii’s full Bio:
Born Emily Rose Morrison in Pittsburgh, PA this future starlet always knew she wanted to be an entertainer. Growing up in Youngstown, Ohio, Community Theater was like a second home to Emii. She took every opportunity to write songs and perform on the stage. Shortly after her 18th birthday, Emii hopped a Greyhound bus to New York City to pursue her dreams in the Big Apple with barely a penny in her pocket. “It’s safe to say my parents weren’t particularly thrilled
with that decision,” she says. “But I knew what I had to do.”

While Emii worked in NYC comic book stores and photography studios by day, she would perform, write, and record in the studio by night. She recounts, “I’d work from 8AM until 5PM and then go straight to the studio. By the time a song was finished in the early morning, it was just about time for me to go back to work again!” Emii did anything and everything to further her career; she recorded with different producers, auditioned for television shows and theater,
frequented open mic nights, fronted bands, and worked to perfect her craft, day-in and day-out. In an effort to keep balance in her life Emii took up martial arts training was her way of relaxing, and helped her maintain her focus.

After a few years of struggling as a “starving artist’, Emii finally met with an independent label that supported her vision and would ultimately change her life. It was then that she moved to Los Angeles, California to work with Slippery Eel Productions. At the dawn of 2013, Emii signed with theatrical agent Media Artists Group and has been booking projects ever since. From her recent lead role in sci-fi features: Starship Rising and Starship Apocalypse, which brilliantly showcased her martial arts prowess and seasoned acting abilities to her upcoming feature film, Damage Control: First Strike. Emii has also captivated
audiences in major venues and clubs around the world, sharing stages with the likes of Flo Rida, Iyaz, Inna, Robin S., and Mia Martina.

Described as “part Lady Gaga, part Amy Lee from Evanescence” by The Insider, this pop powerhouse is on a meteoric rise to the top. Emii is building a track record of success as an independent artist starting with the dance hit “Magic”, to “Mr. Romeo” Ft. Snoop Dog, to “Leaving You Behind” which quickly reached #1 on the Mediabase A/C Independent Artists chart most active new independent releases and spent an impressive 22 weeks on the Billboard-BDS A/C and Mediabase A/C charts, with 13 weeks inside the top 30.

Emii is currently on a dozen-city radio tour promoting her latest EP “Heart in a Box,” which features her single of the same name that hit #7 on Billboard’s Hot Singles Sales Chart and spent an impressive 16 weeks on the Mediabase Top 40 Pop Chart. The bombshell pop beauty is definitely paving her own way and has received rave reviews from the likes of The Insider, MTV Buzzworthy, Billboard Magazine, Rolling Stone Magazine (Middle East), MTV’s LOGO On Demand, Vibe, VH1′s Pop-Up Video, and shows no sign of slowing down.  Find out more at: www.emii.net

19 thoughts on “Celebrating The SFR Heroine and Nerdy Girls Everywhere

  1. I have several nominations.

    Cara from Capturing Cara by S.E Smith
    Gracie from Gracie’s Touch by S.E Smith
    Gillaine Davre from An Accidental Goddess by Linnea Sinclair
    Kris Longknife by Mike Shephard

    These are all strong heroines who are intelligent and willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. And when they finally find their hero, they commit 100%. Their heroes eventually recognize how strong their women are and slowly allow their mates to soften their alpha attitude a bit. Mostly I list them because these are women I would like to meet and befriend!

  2. Triply Elliot from Finder’s Keepers by Linnea Sinclair
    Mara Lyrae Wreck of the Nebula Dream by Veronica Scott
    Tiara Bell Farewell Andromeda by Laurie A. Green

    All three of these heroines were real, brave and willing to walk away IF that was what was best for them. Loved them all.

  3. I nominate Toryn Kerr from Tanya Huff’s Valor/Confederation series. The first book is Valor’s Choice, and the most recent is An Ancient Peace.

    Toryn is a woman who has succeeded in the military, not because she either is a woman or because she denies her femininity, but because she is just damn good at her job.

    I also nominate Ia from Jean Johnson’s Theirs Not to Reason Why series, The first book is A Soldier’s Duty, final book is Damnation.

    Ia can see the future. She sacrifices her own personal happiness to give not just the human race, but all sentient life, a future that she will not live to see. She falls in love but sacrifices her own happiness for the greater good. And she kicks alien ass.

    My final nomination is for Cordelia Vorkosigan from the Vorkosigan Saga by Lois McMaster Bujold. Her first two stories were Shards of Honor and Barrayar. She is a woman in uniform from a planet that believes in equal everything, who falls for a damaged soldier from a planet that treats women as second class. She defies the strictures of both systems to become a powerful woman in a place where women don’t hold power. And she has the misfortune of being Miles Vorkosigan’s mother.

  4. Calptain Tasha (Sass) Sebastian from Games of Command. She is someone who has risen above her start by hard work. She is brave, smart and able to accept that the person she looked at as a emery is really the love of her life.

  5. I nominate Angel 6.0, from the 5 book series by Author Travis Luedke. This is a must read for all SFR and lovers of strong women in this genre. Of strengh, courage, and hotter than hot sex.

  6. In no particular order because I love them all:

    Jasmine Hamilton, The Star King by Susan Grant: Breaks free of her controlling ex, faces down a lunatic zealot bent on sacrificing her, and fearlessly loves a disgraced prince in exile.

    Ria Montori, Rebellion by Sabine Priestley: Tough, tiny, and psi-mated to a cold-blooded killer. One level-headed lady to survive this and stop a war.

    Drea Mennelsohn, Inherit the Stars Series by Laurie A. Green: The gal sacrifices everything. Just read the series, you’ll understand. And keep a box of tissue handy.

  7. Congratulations DINA BUSHROD – our winner of the SGLSFR swag/Emii EP pack! I’ll be in touch shortly via email to get a shipping address.

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