Re-Keir is Re-ally Worth Re-Reading!

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I rarely re-read books. It is not that many of my favorite books don’t deserve to be read. They absolutely do! But there are so many good books to get to before I die, I don’t have time to re-read. There are exceptions. One exception is that a favorite book is being re-issued after being re-edited.

Such is the story with Keir. I read Keir two years ago in the original edition that was release in 2012. In the time since then, the company that published Keir closed and the the rights re-verted back to the author, Pippa Jay. After re-editing Ms. Jay re-released the book this year. Then re-read Keir so I could re-review.

Synopsis: Quin is a smart, confident woman who has been traveling to distant worlds and other times through gateways opened with her special abilities. She has suffered much loss but has survived 300 years of life. Keir is a young man who has been persecuted all his life because was born with blue skin.  When Quin and Keir meet, both of their lives are changed forever. The find they share a twisted heritage that makes them more similar than different and ultimately binds them together in a way that will both help and hinder their re-lationship. Together Quin and Keir face persecution, betrayal, and capture. All the while, they become closer and stand together to face their foes – to the death if necessary.

There are two consecutive story lines in Keir. The first part is about the rescue of Keir from the terrible medieval world he had the misfortune to be born on.  The second part begins when a figure from Quin’s past searches her out and his reason is not because he wants to give her a hug!  It was a pleasant bonus to get two stories in one.  Though you should know the two parts are firmly tied together by the characters Quin and Keir as they both attempt to deal with their feelings for each other as well as Keir’s emerging powers.

The romance connection between the young Keir and the 300-year old Quin was not easy at first. Keir and Quin seem so very different. And they politely struggled so hard to keep their telepathic abilities at bay that, if anything, it was more difficult for them to understand and trust each other. This was both frustrating and appropriate. When they managed to start communicating it truly satisfying. When Quin and Keir finally get together, the sex scene, though quite non-explicit, is very intimate. Nicely done.

If you read Keir, you will visit several worlds and meet a few non-human beings in this book. There is a wonderfully dark and dismal world, complete with a belief system that is directly out of the middle ages. Another world has castles made of coral and sea serpents. Ms. Jay’s imaginative scene setting is a delight!

So here is the re-sult of my re-read. The second read of Keir was even better than the first time! Traveling to exotic worlds is ever exciting. Meeting alien life forms is invariably stimulating. Experiencing danger and adventure is always thrilling. And the story of the 300-year old time/space traveler and the blue demon never gets old!

Pippa Jay’s Keir highly re-commended. Whether this is the first time or a re-read. In fact, read it soon. The sequel, Keir’s Fall is coming soon to a re-tailer near you!

Keir - Original

Original Keir

(NetGalley provided my copy of Keir so I could re-commend this book to you.)


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3 thoughts on “Re-Keir is Re-ally Worth Re-Reading!

  1. Yummy! I need to read this book. I was reading your synopsis and got to “blue skin” and wondered if he turned purple – my favorite color. Also, logic says strong emotions can turn skin red. Red plus blue equals purple. But, how presumptuous of me! Does Keir even have red blood? Which brings me back to, “I need to read this book.”

  2. I hope you do read Kier. If you do, you will get to meet meet Taler, Quin’s purple-haired friend. See, yet a another reason to check it out!

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