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Today we are pleased to be hosting Amy Armstrong on her new release blog tour. The latest volume and third in her Huntress Chronicles series, A Merman in Miami,  was released last week.  The series combines romance and urban fantasy, hopping from slayer to slayer, each in a different city and after a different baddie. All that tightly woven into a novel length story. Cool , right?  So, here’s Amy…


Thanks so much to Smart Girls Love SciFi for welcoming me onto your blog today!

I’ve always been a voracious reader, and even though I enjoy both contemporary and historical novels, I especially love to read Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. It’s the genre that has had the greatest impact on me as a writer. I love to lose myself in worlds which exist only in the imagination. My reading tastes are eclectic, but if there are vampires, shifters, angels, demons or the Fae in a novel, I’m pretty much sold on it.

As a child I was given a compendium of horror stories for Christmas. It was aimed specifically at a younger market and included titles such as Frankenstein, The Pit and the Pendulum, The Hound of the Baskervilles and my personal favourite, Bram Stoker’s Dracula. It was in the pages of these books that I got my first taste of the supernatural and paranormal. I loved to get lost in the stories and inhabit a world in which paranormal beings live among us. As I got older, I moved on to the thriller and horror genres. I read anything by Steven King and couldn’t get enough of James Patterson’s Alex Cross novels. For a couple of years I went on a chick flick kick then I discovered and devoured the Harry Potter novels. I loved that series so much I queued at midnight to get my hands on the last three books a mere eight hours before everyone else.

I still believe that some of the best world building exists in young adult novels. The first young adult romance I read was Twilight. It was the series responsible for reigniting my passion for paranormal. I’ve read hundreds since and a recent favourite was the Demon Trappers series which though fantastical felt as real as any contemporary novel I’ve read.

Of course there are some amazing writers of adult paranormal romance and urban fantasy too. I love J R Ward’s wonderfully original voice and there’s no world that feels more unique than Stacia Kane’s Downside Ghosts series.

When I began writing my Huntress Chronicles series, I wanted it filled with all the paranormal creatures and elements that I love to read about. The series does have a contemporary setting however, so the stories are all grounded in reality. It’s our world only with a secret underbelly of vampires and other beings who wish to do us harm.

The heroines in the series all come from a long line of vampire hunters who protect earth’s inhabitants from the beings of their nightmares while trying to keep their existence secret. As if these women didn’t have enough to contend with fighting vampires and rogue shifters, they are dragged into an ongoing war between angels and demons and have to find a score of ancient books before they fall into the hands of demons. While the heroines battle life and death situations, they have the added complication of falling in love.

Mia, the heroine of A Merman in Miami, book three in the series has been in love with her hunting partner Drew for nearly ten years. Tired of loving someone who doesn’t love her back, Mia makes the heart-breaking decision to find a new hunting partner. But before she leaves she decides to do one last job so that she can spend a few days more with Drew. The mission to find one of the lost grimoires takes Mia and Drew to Miami where they come into contact with the secretive merpeople. When they visit the underwater realm, Mia begins to warm to the advances of the Merpeople’s king, but maybe Drew isn’t as far out of her reach as she’s always believed.

Just like two previous books in the series, you can expect to see lots of action and adventure in this instalment, but at its heart, A Merman in Miami is a sweet and steamy erotic romance which will hopefully make you root for Mia to get the happy ever after she deserves.

What books have impacted you over the years? Are there any genres you love to read or that hold a special place in your heart because of a particular book or series?

Thanks so much for taking the time to read and learn a little more about me today and thanks again for welcoming me.

Here is the blurb  for  A Merman in Miami…

amermaninmiami_800Tired of loving someone who doesn’t love her back, Mia decides to walk away from her hunting partner of ten years, but is Drew really as out of reach as she believes?

Mia Harding has been hunting vampires since she was sixteen years old—almost as long as she’s been in love with her overzealous hunting partner Drew Caine. Unfortunately, the only thing Drew seems passionate about is his job. Tired of longing for someone she can’t have, Mia makes the heart-breaking decision to find a new partner and cut all ties to Drew. But before she can make the request to the council, Mia and Drew are sent to Miami to retrieve one of the lost grimoires. Mia is determined to make it their last mission together—but first they have to survive it.

Drawn to the dark magic of the book, vampires and warlocks begin congregating in the city adding extra pressure to an already difficult mission. When the marine biologist thought to be in possession of the book turns up dead, the trail leads to the highly secretive merpeople. Entering their underwater realm will be problematic, but getting back out will be nearly impossible, especially when the merman king decides he wants Mia as his queen. Lonely and unhappy, Mia at first warms to the advances and the magnetic allure of the king, but maybe Drew isn’t as far out of her reach as she has always believed.

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And here are books one and two, because everybody loves a series!



A Demon in Dallas

Two years ago, vampire hunter Raven walked out on the love of her life in order to save his, but now that she needs Connor’s help to locate a demon in Dallas, can she keep their encounter to business only, or is she about to fall for the sexy were-shifter all over again?

When her partner Matt is kidnapped by vampires, it’s down to vampire huntress Raven to locate him. But during her rescue mission, she nearly succumbs to the wicked charms of an evil fairy and is blackmailed by a devious angel who wants her to locate a demon in Dallas. Raven’s superior in the hunters’ council gives her just seventy two hours to find Matt before a team of hunters are sent in whose mission statement is kill first, ask questions later. Raven’s going to need help, but the only person she can turn to is her ex-boyfriend Connor, a werewolf who Raven hasn’t been able to get out of her heart or head.

Unwittingly thrown into a battle between good and evil and with danger lurking around every corner, Raven must race against the clock to locate the demon and rescue Matt while dealing with her feelings of guilt for walking out on Connor two years ago – even though she did so to save his life



A Fae in Fort Worth

The attraction between vampire hunters Ashley and Mitch is evident from the moment they meet, but if they are to have a future together, they’ll have to make it through a mission which might just cost them their lives.

Being blonde, short and petite means that vampire huntress Ashley Monroe is never taken seriously. She always has to train twice as hard as her fellow slayers to prove she’s just as capable of getting the job done. About to begin a mission to find one of the lost grimoires, Ashley fears she might actually be out of her depth. The last thing she needs is a relationship to complicate her life further. Enter Mitch Rakowski.

Tattooed badass and one-time vampire slayer Mitch Rakowski has never played by the rules. When old friend Raven calls in a debt, Mitch is forced to pick up his stake one last time. The minute he and Ashley meet, sparks fly. Mitch makes it clear he wants the feisty slayer, but Ashley fights him at every turn. The attraction simmering between them soon intensifies, but before they can form any kind of relationship, they have a run-in with the Fae in Fort Worth. The encounter forces them to visit the Fairy Realm—a mission which might just cost them their lives

About Amy…

Amy Armstrong is a Brit that loves chocolate, prosecco, and sunshine. She lives and breathes paranormal romance and urban fantasy, but is also a fan of the classics and pretty much anything else she can get her hands on, including but not limited to contemporary romance, thrillers, horror, dark fantasy and young adult fiction.

Amy writes stories filled with heart, heat and passion. She loves to read about strong woman, but believes heroes come in all different shapes and sizes. She is happiest when writing or soaking up the sun with a pina colada in one hand and her kindle in the other. Her family and friends are an important part of her life and she loves meeting new people with similar interests. She is a full time, multi—published author and loves to hear from readers. She writes M/M romance under the pen name Lavinia Lewis.

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