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Is every one excited about Fall?! It’s my very favorite time of year. It’s also a very busy time of year. We have lots of good things in the works for you, but we’ve also been doing a few not SGLS things. Check them out…

Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly

The fourth issue of the SciFi Romance Quarterly magazine is now available! This marks the first year of the magazine. Woot! This issue was a themed issue focused on Cyborgs. My column title this quarter is I Like Big Cyborgs and I Cannot Lie. Just a brush of background on cyborgs in fiction, a quick dip into deep thought, then off to the sexy book recommendations. If you’ve been following SGLS since the beginning, there is nothing really new from me–sometimes I feel like I’m the old lady in the rocking chair and you’ve heard all my stories–but if not, this is your chance to catch up.

Lots of lovely new followers lately. Welcome and thank you so much for joining us!

This issue also includes new SciFi Romance Releases for the quarter,  reviews, several great opinion and discussion pieces and a sweet reviewer roundtable, including our very own Toni and RK. See the whole lovely magazine here: 

Smart Girls in Print

fullcircleMy fellow bloggers aren’t very good at tooting their own horns, so I have to take a minute to give a shout out to Chudney and RK.

You may have noticed that Chudney has been MIA for the last couple of months. She’s been busy getting ready for her first foray into published fiction.   Her paranormal werewolf romance novella, Full Circle, is now available at the major online retailers.

grimmEchoRK will be putting SciFi Obscure on hiatus this month to wrap up her own piece of fiction. Notice I didn’t say her first. No that one is done and ready for release next month.  Mr. Rumpel and Mr. Grimm is expected to release from Less Than Three Press LLC October 29th under RK’s pen name– Echo Ishii. It’s a fairy tale romance.

Now if you’re getting worried, have no fear. Not every blogger here is working on a book, so the spice (aka posts) will flow.

Where is She Now?

No longer with the SGLS blog but always in our hearts, former SG reviewer Trina is back to blogging and reviewing in her old haunt: the AfterDarkRendevous blog.  Be sure to pay her a visit.


Are you afraid of change? It is a common feeling. I felt it now and then, but normally I embrace change as the opportunity it often is. Sometimes I feel the fear but embrace it anyway. I managed to pull off that tricky balance recently when I was asked to appear on Changes – a new online conversation hosted by Sally Ember EdD, author of the Spanner Series and much more. I’ve been acquainted with Sally for several years via the blog. and through her writing. We talked about SciFi and technology mostly. Despite my intense fear of being on camera, I survived and managed to have tons of fun.  There were a few technical glitches, but if you’d like to check it out you can find past episodes on Sally’s YouTube channel: or watch the next episode live at:

And the Beat Goes On

To wrap this post up, hope you all have a great week ahead. Tomorrow we have Elizabeth with her latest post on SciFi TV, Thursday it is a cover reveal for an upcoming SFR title., then (hopefully) the long overdue Inbox post. I really need to get to it before my email account explodes.

Please tell us what you’ve been up to in the comments.

Cheers for now!

P.S. What is up with the cow? Seriously? LOL

8 thoughts on “SG News and Updates

  1. It is always interesting to see how people react to a story. The review of “Silver Strife” in this issue was not exactly accurate (Bottom Drawer Publications is an established Romance Small Press, not an ad agency) nor was it flattering. However, everyone is entitled to their own opinion!

    Though, of course, I highly encourage everyone to read the review done by our very own Charlee Allden to get a second take on the same book!

    • Having differing opinions can even help readers find books they might have glossed over. I always scan the negative reviews on the retail sites before buying, because very often I know I’ll like a book for the exact reason someone else hates it.

      • I’ve had several books that I liked for the ‘negative’ reasons someone else didn’t. I’ve also had books I loathed that were immensely popular.

      • Thanks….I had a momentary rant flash….but I repressed it.

        I do understand why authors react negatively to reviews like this….because our books are our babies! And a review like this is actual torture. Even I admit to a few tears.

        But I kinda wrote the “blog post” on this…

        A negative review is not the enemy, and it is much worse to lash out at a reviewer!

        We are all human, and while I disagree and know some of her comments to be factually inaccurate (mostly about my poor publisher)…I acknowledge that in that moment when she read that first paragraph she had a very negative reaction.

        And I will learn from and consider her comments on my next book!

  2. Congratulations to RK and Chudney on their current and impending releases! As far as what’s with the cow…I wanna know what’s with the whole barn/alley/Medieval basement with hay decor? Then we can discuss the livestock.

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