Sleepy Hollow – What’s In Store This Fall?

ElizabethHi there everyone, my name is Elisabeth. I’m a new contributor here at Smart Girls. I’ll be writing mostly about for the television section. I grew up watching Star Trek with my parents and it remains my favorite show, and now I’m a devoted fan of Doctor Who, Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, and Sleepy Hollow. I’m always looking for new sci-fi shows to watch. I’ve lived in New York for five years, where I am currently finishing my master’s degree.

Right now, I’m most excited for the premiere of Sleepy Hollow on September 22. Detective Abbie Mills is one of my favorite characters on television right now. Her independence and intelligence make her a refreshing female lead that is so rare on television these days. But my one worry is that in the new season, the writers will create new romantic entanglements for Mills. The fact that the audience got to focus on the paranormal adventure plot line and not on any romantic relationships between the protagonists left space open to focus on developing the nuances of the characters personalities. Mills character doesn’t depend on romantic feelings for her male companion, Ichabod. sleepyhollowThe strength of the first season of the show was in the characters, even though the plot was entertaining. Watching that show, I felt like real progress was being made for women in television. Sure, there is some sexual tension between Ichabod and Abby, but the fact that it goes unrealized because he insists (rightly) on staying loyal to his wife, quietly subverts the over-sexualized nature of most other mediums of entertainment.

I will watch the new season of Sleepy Hollow no matter what, but I’m hoping that the writers stick to their guns and continue to develop the friendship between Ichabod and Mills that makes this show so special. They don’t need romance to complicate the plot – at least not between Ichabod and Mills. That would be too easy. For now, I’m just happy to see how they team up to prevent the apocalypse.



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  1. So happy to have you join us!

    Apologies for the lack of conversation on this post. I just realized that comments had somehow been turned off. Fixed now.

    I just started watching this show in prep for the new season. Heard so many good things and so far it is holding up.

    Have hope, TV has been handling these mainstream paranormal shows better in recent years. They might just surprise you!

  2. I am hoping for a romance…eventually. Why? Because there aren’t enough Black woman/White man relationships depicted in the media. Interracial couples regardless of makeup are a fact of life, but you’d never know that considering how movies and television tend to whitewash such things. There are a whole lot of us who cheerfully ship IchAbbie, lol. However, I would like to see Abby and Ichabod’s relationship develop organically and over time. I’m hoping that Katrina slowly helps Ichabod move on. And I really don’t want to see Abbie lose her autonomy once the (perhaps) romance plays out.

  3. I too would like to see an eventual romance. I know Ichabod is remaining loyal to Katrina, but I’m less sure of her motives and, to be brutally honest, I don’t like her or believe she deserves Ichabod’s loyalty.

    As for sci fi shows; you really ought to be watching Defiance. The second season kicks off this week and looks to be starting with a bang. It’s such a great show. There are lots of strong women in it, but my favourite is the conniving Stahma, played by Warehouse 13’s Jaime Murray.

  4. Welcome, Elisabeth!

    I agree completely that the writers should not go the romance route–yet. I LOVE that Ichabod is faithful to his wife and wouldn’t enjoy the show without that commitment. That said, the chemistry between Abby and Ichabod is OH MY GOODNESS! 🙂 So there’s a part of me that wouldn’t mind it at all. I love their banter and eye rolls and trust in each other. So if poor Katrina exits stage left, bring on the ‘ship between the leads 🙂

  5. I also really enjoyed the first season and I’m looking forward to the second one. However, I don’t live in US, so it might take a long while before I can see it.

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