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Chained (Brides of the Kindred Book 9) by Evangeline Anderson shows how to use science fiction to your advantage with smexy stuff.  This is one story that should also not be read in public as you may start to feel both confined and exposed. It’s one HOT science fiction romance with all the elements and then some: science, a story with plot, smexy scenes and ROMANCE!

Finally. Geez.

Shame on me for forgetting to post a review for this book when I read it a few months ago. The book funk  has permeated every pore in my body.  It was worsened with every horrible book that I chose to try. What seemed so appealing in the synopsis was just a shiny turd by the first chapter. The freedom of authors publishing stories independently is fantastical and there have been spectacular gems. For every genuine gem found, there was also a pile of shiny turds surrounding it.  Authors, please, however you get your book out: EDIT IT, EDIT THE BLEEP OUT OF IT. Have someone else read it, actually work on it.

Chained has very, very, very omigosh… so many very hot scenes. There is no shortage of amazing scenarios or kinky stuff. What really makes this story so amazing, and this may seem strange, is the story. Everything about it works so well as science fiction. Plus, Evangeline Anderson knows how to torture. The prologue has our hero, Kor, tortured in a unique way. I was later told it may have a Greek mythology basis, but either way, it was pretty harsh… but intriguing. It also worked in the context of the whole story.

So, who was torturing Kor? Turns out he was bought as a sex slave and has been chained to demand obedience. Due to his violent past, he is made to wear several collars to contain him. Meanwhile, a space botanist named Maggie Jordan is given the sudden task of acting as a courier to the woman who has Kor (convenient). During a tour, Maggie is shown the chained up Kor. To both of their surprise, they know each other. Maggie has been seeing Kor in her dreams.

So begins a tale of escape, running, lots of smexy stuff, interesting uses of trees, and  a general good time.

There is the fun sexy atmosphere of Barberella and the campiness of Flash Gordon (aah-ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!). It was still very creative and held a lot of charm. The story can be too convenient and sometimes it becomes repetitive. It is still a very enjoyable read.

Even though there were many times I wanted to shake Maggie. Enough! Quit with your whining and moaning about your fiance. I find it really hard to believe that she couldn’t figure out her feelings. Her inner struggles add to the sexual tension, but come on. Loyalty is really big for me, but so is honesty within yourself.  Reminds me why I was annoyed with Outlander.

Kor is just your wonderful, strong, muscled, alpha male who knows the ways of the smexy times. A very protective, courteous, guy who will not only just watch TV and talk, but also shoot red death lasers out of his eyes.  Just nab Cyclop’s visor and it’s all good.

Final nit-picking contention: the ending feels a lot like a cop-out. Almost like I felt with the last episode of Matt Smith as the Doctor. Out of nowhere, Maggie is given another chance. It makes for a happy ending, but it feels depleted of meaning. It was also really, really rushed.

The main reason I almost dismissed Chained was that it was the 9th book in the series. I hate staring at some random point. But it actually did not matter that this was the 9th book. It is a good stand alone, plus it made me curious about some of the other characters’ backstory. Without knowing their backstory, other characters seem to insert themselves randomly in this book. It can be a bit jarring and take you out of the book.

If you love stories involving the clumsy, nerd girl who becomes involved with a hot muscled guy (raises hand), then your going to have lots of fun with this book.

Just, don’t read it in public. Especially at a dog park.

Length: Novel
Genre: hones to goodness science fiction romance
Primary Book Format: e-format
Publisher/Imprint: Evangeline Anderson Books
Blush Quotient: lip biting levels of RED
Smart Girls Rating:  4 Stars

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(Disclaimer: This book was purchased for review.)


5 thoughts on “Review: Chained (Brides of the Kindred Book 9)

  1. If this is your first Brides of the Kindred then you don’t know what you have been missing. You definitely need to read the rest of the series. They are all this good, or better. I have been loving this series since the very beginning. Book 10 was good too, and 11 is on my tbr pile. I need to go read now. Love Evangeline Anderson!

  2. it’s definitely on me guilty reads list. looking forward to learning about all the other characters. thanks for comments ladies!

  3. I’ve also read all of these. Some of the editing is a little sloppy, they are self-published. But even so they eventually make their way onto my Kindle. This is probably my favorite in the series, though I am also particularly fond of #4 “Found”. Definitely on my guilty pleasures list!

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