A Farewell from Toni

Posted by Toni

I am currently getting ready for the onslaught upon San Diego that is known by it’s name. San Diego Comic Con. On top of the stress and chaos that this event entails in just the prepping for the trip, there is a bittersweet tinge to the whole day.

As Charlee will have already announced, there has been major changes to the website. In keeping up with availability and her focus for the website, reviewers of books will no longer be needed. Other opportunities were made but none that fit my passion. With that, I will sadly step away from this site.

It is being a contributor for this site that upgraded me from writing movie reviews in my personal blog to gaining access to events and books. It allowed me to hone my skills in writing and sharing all my passions. I have sifted,wallowed, swam, sunk, paddled, and drowned in hundreds of sci-fi romance books over the years. My respect for authors remains the same but my appreciation for a well edited, well crafted piece of work has quadrupled. Many authors I have become long time fans of and many others I cross my fingers that they will continue their craft. This website has gifted me with so much that it’s so weird to step away.

Charlee has done a phenomenal job in maintaining this website and presenting such a diverse world of books for everyone. I wish her luck and success in her writing. I wish all of you readers to continue to devour anything that grants you happiness and writers to bring your stories to fruition.

This doesn’t mean that I have disappeared from the interwebs. Hardly so.


I am still a live event/ comic book reviewer on Fangirlnation.com. A site much like this where all of the contributors share anything that makes us happy. For me, I love writing about film festivals, kdramas, comic books, and indie movies.


I have also created another website called Squeedar (found at  squeedar.weebly.com).  This site creates a calender for all the geeky events in LA and San Fernando Valley plus a blog detailing my own personal geeky adventures around the city.

To add even more to this pile, I created my official cosplay name, Herald of Geek on facebook as my social media headquarters for cosplay, geek fun, and updates on all my geeky work.

Once again, thank you Charlee. Smart Girls Love Sci Fi will always be a special website for me.