Fizzle to Sizzle: TV’s Paranormal

TrueBloodOriginally, I planned to dedicate this post to TRUE BLOOD, a series based on Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampire Mysteries featuring Sooki Stackhouse. I had high hopes for the series’ final season. Especially after a drawn-out sixth season that fell flat in the entertainment department, for me. However, the hubster and I found the premiere to be the worst episode in all the seasons. For us, it seemed that the writers and actors put very little effort into the episode, and we had to wonder if they just couldn’t muster the motivation since they’ll be unemployed after the finale. Honestly, if the entire season is that poorly put together then it would’ve been better to have not brought back the show.

The one caveat that did pique my interest was the switch up with the actor portraying James. In season six, Luke Grimes played the charming, goody vampire who developed a relationship with Jessica at the Governor’s vamp camp. However, when the camera panned to James in the Sunday night’s opener, he had a new face and body. All belonging to Nathan Parsons, of THE ORIGINALS and MV5BMjIxMDA0Nzc0N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMDM4NDUyOA@@._V1_SY317_CR20,0,214,317_AL_Boy, is he hot. If you haven’t seen THE ORIGINALS, stop what you’re doing, go to Hulu or Amazon Instant Video and submerse yourself in deliciously, decadent New Orleans and all her paranormal consorts in the comfort of your living room or bedroom.  THE ORIGINALS is a spin-off of the teen paranormal drama, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES and features the “original” vampire family from whom all other vampires are made. It’s a must see, and Klaus–the second brother is a compelling character both for his ruthlessness and his own, strict moral compass. images (3) The second season will air in October. –But, I digress…

After our True Blood disappointment, we perused our DVR library for a new paranormal fix. What we found was PENNY DREADFUL, a dark thriller showcasing the classic paranormals in fresh and exciting tale.

If you’re a fan of THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN or AMERICAN HORROR STORY, then you might enjoy PENNY DREADFUL. This series isn’t as visually stunning as TLEG which was more Steampunk adventure, but PD’s storyline is tightly woven to bring together some of literature’s most horrific characters: Victor Frankenstein, Dorian Gray, and Dracula. Starring Timothy Dalton, Eva Green, and Josh Hartnett, this psychosexual, supernatural horror series isn’t for the faint of heart due to graphic onscreen sex and brutal carnage.  penny-dreadful-poster-2

Now the hubster and I are late to the debut season, mostly because he hoards TV shows on the DVR as if all such programming is in danger of imminent annihilation in the face of the inevitable zombie apocalypse. PENNY DREADFUL’s season finale is Sunday at 10 PM on Showtime. The earlier episodes can be seen on Hula.


Which paranormal TV dramas have you queued to watch and do they fizzle or sizzle on your viewing screen?

10 thoughts on “Fizzle to Sizzle: TV’s Paranormal

  1. I was disappointed in True Blood too. Ever since they threw the storyline from the books out the window it’s gone down hill. But I still watched it because who can resist a possible nude backside shot of Alcide or Eric?
    One show I did love was the Witches of EastEnd on Lifetime. The second season starts in July.

  2. I totally agree with you about TB’s downslide and especially about the premier this year: horrible. Any time an episode or film takes more than 20 minutes in battle scenes, you know the writers are snoozing while the fight choreographers do all the work. No plot, no character development, very little story. Awful. The books are so much better. The TV show decided to go “in a different direction” right from the beginning and we can now see how far they’ve diverged from Charlaine Harris’ series. They are now in an almost completely different reality and it is not interesting (to me).

    • Hi Sally,
      I’m glad the hubster and I weren’t the only ones who thought the battle scene was much too long. The only thing interesting I found about that entire segment was that someone staked Tara. Hubster and I are betting it was Tara’s crazy mom.

  3. I enjoyed the first season of True Blood, but I lost interest after starting the second. A lot of friends recommended it to me and it’s a great premise… but it went in a direction that didn’t interest me. From what you all are saying, it sounds like the show continued in that wrong direction and that the books are far better.

  4. I just started watching witches of east end b/c it’s now on non premium cable in Japan. So far, it’s better than I expected 3 episodes in.

  5. Hi RK,
    We added The Witches of East End to the DVR for the upcoming season after you and BonnieGill mentioned it. I don’t know if we’ll have time to catch up on the first season before the second debuts, but we’re looking forward to viewing it.

  6. It is so sad that we’re all in agreement with True Blood. That series had such potential. I’m currently watching Bitten, but I’m not quite hooked on it yet. There are a lot of holes in the plot and character flaws of the unappealing type, but I’m eager to see if it gets better.

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