Who would you want to be with at the end of the world?

fleshYou might think it would be great to have a person that would love you the way you’ve always wanted to be loved. A person who would know what you needed even before you did. Someone to make you laugh and make you sigh with pleasure. But what about someone who would protect you with the skills of a kick-ass cop, never flinch at doing whatever it took to keep you alive, gladly lay down his life for you?  Why choose? Luckily, in Flesh by Kylie Scott, Ali doesn’t have to.

Ali is nothing special, really. A thirty something office worker, smart enough to hide out in her neighbor’s attic, strong enough to smack the old lady in the head with a shovel (and give her a proper burial) when the infection took her over and she turned into a flesh-eating zombie.

Of course, Ali wasn’t hiding only from the zombies up in that attic. As we all know the bad people are as likely (if not more so) to survive as the good. Luckily, when Ali gets caught out of the attic scrounging for food, it’s Dan that she runs into. What does she do, throw herself at him and beg for his help? Nope. She points a shot-gun at his head and when the zombies turn up to interrupt this “meet cute” she runs, leaving him in the dust. Also luckily, Daniel is one determined guy. But he is not the ex-cop I described above. He’s an ordinary guy with the good sense to worship her, even if it takes some convincing and patients to earn her trust. If Ali hadn’t come around I would have had to dive into the page and convince him to look my way. Dan is adorable. A big sexy goof ball, with a good attitude and his priorities in order. I loved him right off.

Finn is harder to love. He’s the ex-cop with the mad skills. He has the whole broody thing down to a tee. It doesn’t hurt his case that he turned up to get them out of a dangerous ambush right when they need him. Right when Daniel is starting to see that he may not be able to protect Ali in the ugly new world they’re living in. Daniel, bless him, decides maybe Finn could be handy to have around long-term. Now if he can only convince them that he can share the woman he has fallen in love with and that things really would work out.

The Scoop…

Flesh is a fun, sexy read with plenty of excitement, danger, and end of the world challenges. It’s well written and more traditionally romantic that you might expect from a threesome story. This book will convince you that people really could make this kind of relationship work in the post-apocalyptic world. It also has a great Australian flare and setting. I could almost hear the kookaburras laughing in the trees.

Highly, recommended, even if you don’t normally read zombie books or threesomes. There is no m/m in this book, more’s the pity. Still loved it to pieces.

The Deets…

Genre: Post Apocalyptic Romance

Publication Date: October 2012

Publisher: Momentum

Blush Quotient: Red

Disclaimer: I bought this book and considered it a wise purchase. 

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