SF Obscure: The wishlist Roundup

Since it’s summer once again, it’s time  to I hunt down the really obscure classics or try to sample B/C list  shows and see how many episodes I can survive. This time around I decided to make a list of those shows which I have not seen, but added to my wishlist. Most are only on limited DVD runs.  Based on cloudy memories jarred by  the vast world of YouTube, I  tracked down a stray episodes, or a set of clips, or an old commercial to remind me of their existence. Here are a select few.

Mercy Point
This 1998-1999 show stars Joe Morton as Dr. Maxwell one of a crew of medical personnel on a hospital space station in the 23rd century. The stations treats the medical needs of humans and aliens. And there is also an android nurse. The show only lasted eight episodes, but apparently there was a larger galactic narrative going on. I remember watching this show, though the details now escape me.  It’s available on DVD so I shall add it to my ever growing wishlist.
Birds of Prey
This is a 2002 series that I never got a chance to see. It’s set in New Gotham City around Huntress who is ( I think) the secret daughter of Batman and Catwoman. She teams up with Oracle, who is ex-Batgirl and another woman who is the daughter of Black Canary. Wow. You really have to be up on your comics for this. Shemar Moore is in it.  Yay!
This is a series I need to see, mainly because when I see a starship and a ragtag crew, I am there. Starhunter is a Canadian series that ran for two seasons about a crew of bounty hunters. The captain is hunting for his son; his niece is the engineer; and there is a former military officer who assists and advises on missions.  I saw one episode and look forward to the rest.
Space Rangers
Space Rangers was a very short lived series. There are six episodes, and I am not sure they were all broadcast. It’s set in the 22nd century on a planet colonized by earth. The focus in a group of military police called Rangers. I won’t pretend that this looked like a great show. I saw one episode…it’s pretty cheesy. Deadly vegetation; regrettable alien make-up; and an alien crew member whose people have a fighting tradition etc etc. and practice cannibalism. However, my dedication to giving any show with a ship and a crew a chance means that I will try to track it down.

This is my last SF Obscure post for Smart Girls but I will continue on my blog so feel free to follow is you wish.

So readers, have you seen any of these shows?