Pyrokinesis and love


I’m writing this as I watch the super bowl. I will spare you my opinion on the game. Suffice it to say that I am a disappointed Manning fan.

Anyhow, I saw the commercial for the remake of Stephen King’s Carrie, which got me to thinking. One, I guess the remakes will continue, not sure if I’ll watch it and two, the main premise of the book and the movie, which I now have to reread is, a misfit with the power of telekinesis is mistreated and eventually uses her powers to punish those that abuse her. 

Carrie was my very first introduction to telekinesis and my very first Firestarter. From the very moment I discovered Carrie I found myself wondering what it would be like to know you had the power to destroy everyone around you. You sympathize with that character because of the abuse heaped upon her and you wonder what might have happened if she’d been treated differently.

So as usual when I’m curious about a particular topic I go searching among my books for stories. This time for stories with Pyrokinetic main characters and a love story. I have a thing for the misfit, misunderstood, the unappreciated. And the ability to roast everyone in your vicinity would definitely put any individual in an awkward position.

And finding that one person who would love you and accept you as your are dangerous ability and all? Priceless. Just call me a hopeless romantic.

In my search I came up with one from my library. As I previously stated I’m not paid to mention any of these books. Which brings me to the book I just finished reading Kristen Callahan’s, Firelight.


I did the Google thing to come up with the second because I thought I remembered Gena Showalter having one as well, and I was right. Her book Playing with Fire has a heroine who controls the four elements.

If you guys enjoyed either of these or know of any other books out there please feel to share.