GRIMM is a snappy, police detective, fantasy drama whose title suggests inspiration from the famed Brothers Grimm; however, its story line isn’t the traditional fairy tales retold. And that’s a good thing.

GRIMM features Portland Homicide Detective, Nick Burkhardt, who learns he is a descendant of a secret bloodline of  supernatural profilers, known as “Grimms.” He inherits the responsibility of protecting his corner of the world  from Wesen (pronounced vessin) which are paranormal creatures from varying cultures and time periods. Of course, every hero needs a band of merry men (and women) to assist in his crusade and Nick’s entourage is an eclectic assortment that includes his partner, Hank; his girlfriend, Juliette—both human; his friend Monroe–a Blutbad who has a sage-like role giving Nick advice on all the different kinds of Wesen; Munroe’s girlfriend, Rosalee–a Fuschbau who’s handy with the herbal remedies to combat Wesen maladies; and, Captain Sean Renard, Nick and Hank’s boss, a half-blood Royal,  half-Hexenbiest whose motives keep one guessing.

The series has an extensive underlying plot that blends into each episode. So, while each one hour show has a satisfactory conclusion of the criminal-mystery element, the unfolding dynamics of the world-wide power play of Wesens politics keeps viewers intrigued.


What’s cool is that at the beginning of each episode, the viewer is shown a quote that connects the story to the fairy tale, myth, or legend that inspired it.  For instance, the 1/24/14 episode quote is a reference from Brothers Grimm fairy tale, Little Brother and Little Sister, a tale about siblings who run away from their wicked step-mother and the brother falls victim to a spell that turns him into a deer. The episode, The Wild Hunt, is about a Wesen serial killer that scalps his victims to make a cloak. Due to Professor X–aka the hubster– hoarding  TV shows on the DVR as if an alien invasion or zombie apocalypse would wipe out all essential TV programming, I haven’t seen the episode. But, I suspect the theme has to do with putting on a different skin. Avid fans can seek out GRIMM wiki for ongoing discussions of all things GRIMM.

On the lighter side of Grimm inspirations… have you tried~



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Hollywood mines the Bros Grimm Fairy Tales for movie goers.


jack the giant slayer

…are but a few of the ones I’ve seen in recent years.

However, my all-time favorite is SNOW WHITE: A Tale of Terror. It’s deliciously dark, and at times, down-right terrifying as the name suggests. Sigourney Weaver is absolutely wicked as the Step-mother.  It’s a must see for any Bros Grimm fans.


Now, for those who’ve GOT GRIMM, what is your favorite Grimm fairy tale (book, TV show, or movie)?

10 thoughts on “Got GRIMM?

  1. I adore Grimm! It just gets better and better. I love that all the characters have screen time and their own stories.

    Thanks for the movie recommendations. I had never heard of the Snow White with Segourney Weaver. I’ll have to look that one up!

  2. I love GRIMM. I’ve been DVRing episodes until I finished my revisions. Once I send them to my editor, I’ll happily do a GRIMM marathon! 🙂

    • This season Nick’s character is getting edgier and it seems to be a good fit. I think you will enjoy catching up.


      Kristal Hollis Imagination is the elixir of life. Slurp often, I do.

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  3. GRIMM was one of those shows that turned out to be a pleasant surprise. I had no real expectations of it…then I watched it and really liked it. I have only seen season 1 via DVD and must get the rest.

  4. We are glad the writers finally gave Juliette a personality other than “insipid female who must be lied to.”

    • Yesss! Thank gaawwd! I couldn’t stand her in Season Two and kept wishing they’d nix her character. Now that she’s evolving into an asset and real, equal partner to Nick, I’m more satisfied with their relationship.

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