Movie Review: Thor:The Dark World

Thor 2 posterGo watch this movie.

If you love science fiction AND romance (and I assume you do, since your reading this blog), then you will enjoy this movie.

All the “but…but…but…” echoes are sounding….

but it’s a COMIC book movie! I don’t like comic books!”

I heard the first one sucked.”

Thor is an idiot.”

I’ll just wait for netflix/redbox.”

That last echo is fine. Economy and all. If you do get a chance to go to the theater, I would catch this. I did not watch this in 3D (I can’t stand 3D) but it was still fantastic. Especially for the crazy battle scenes. I mean it’s crazy. It’s beautiful crazy. I watched the midnight showing. And I was floored way up until 2:30 am.

I read comic books but I do not know everything about comics. I actually veer away from Marvel/DC because the universe is massive and exhausting to trace the story lines. I am a fan of Elektra and X-23 but that’s pretty much it. It is a never ending search for a comic books series that is aesthetically pleasing and a compelling story. Very few. So when it came to the history of Thor, I know zilch. ZILCH. My only impression of him was an overly-muscled nordic god who was a jerk. Nothing about him attracted me.

So what compelled me to watch Thor and forever be cemented in a crush on Thor?

Chris Hemsworth.

He plays Thor and he is delicious.

This has been the first movie that I watched for pure physical, carnal attraction to the male character. I have a slew of male actors that I adored (Seth Green you are forever my first love). Something about Hemsworth just makes my brain go…………………………………….

So when I watched the first Thor, I was skeptical of the story knowing my aversion to this comic book history. Once the movie started it all went out the window. The movie is NOT perfect. It is completely riddled with plot holes. Yes it is completely different from the other Marvel Avenger movies (Captain America, Iron Man). It is not depressing. It has nothing to do with earth politics. There is no underground retro military group out to get them. The first Thor was a beautiful origin story about a prince meeting his love.

YES, that is how I describe Thor. Not as  a Marvel comic book movie but as a romance story. Complete with amazing god-like powers and the ability to transcend worlds. That changes perspective doesn’t it?

Something about the words “comic books”  elicit the strangest reactions from women. Some get excited (me), some frown, some are confused, few walk away. Comic books are just another medium to tell a story. Not every comic book has caped heroes or battles. There are so many stories out there. If you need a recommendation, I would direct you to your local comic book store or online reviewers such as Atop the Fourth Wall or vlogger Amy Dallen of Geek and Sundry.

So I was soooo excited for Thor 2! This was my second midnight showing of a movie. I went along with two lovely friends who both shared my appreciation for Chris Hemsworth (and Tom Middleston).  Given that this was the second movie, my expectations were pretty low. So I leaned back in my seat, slurped my drink, and let my eyes adjust to the dimming lights.

The inner drooling fan girl rose up in full force and forgot about reality.

I refuse to give out spoilers so I hope this list of reactions will give an inkling of awesome this movie was:

“Oh….my…gawd…his arms…”

“That ship is cool”



” Oh….he’s half naked…”

“So funny!”

“No way! No way! No way!”


“oooo shiny”

I came away from the theater completely exhilarated. It was the best science fiction romance movie I have ever watched.  There were wonderful bits of aligning planets, gravity, stabilization and equal parts humor equal parts smoldering sexiness  and all around amazing.

What’s even lovelier is that there are two types of guys for girls to fawn over: the brawny, romantic warrior prince(Hemsworth) and the brooding, graceful prince (Middleston).

There is no wrong in this movie. None. I refuse to hear it.

Except for the movie poster. It is awful. Marketing department should be fired.

All in all, I hope you get a chance to watch this. I wouldn’t recommend taking your significant other. Unless they can handle all the sighs you will be letting out.

17 thoughts on “Movie Review: Thor:The Dark World

  1. I love Thor, but alas, this weekend I’m choosing to see Enders Game instead (despite the politics). Now I am feeling a little grief over this decision. Thanks for the review, Toni!

  2. Sal’s taking me to see this either tomorrow night or Monday during the day. And he is well aware that he will be nothing more than a body in a chair beside me while Chris Hemsworth is on the screen. Actually, he’s going along mostly to listen to the little squeaks of appreciation I apparently give every time Chris is in view.

    I’m kind of a fan… (I mean, Ri’s third love interest IS Chris Hemsworth with dark hair… Just sayin’!)

    Thanks for the review! I can’t wait to see it!!! I was just going for the eye-candy, mostly, but now I’ll be there for the romance as well. 🙂

  3. Oh man, I just went and saw it. I’m a bit slow when it comes to figuring out these epic-ish comic book flicks, but my 16 yo guessed every twist right, the stinker. Anyway, my response, was:
    ‘oh no!’
    ‘gasp–nooo he’s my favorite!’
    ‘oh snap… yah, he’s my favorite’
    VERY fun movie!! Thanks for the recommendation. I prolly woulda let it pass otherwise…

  4. I’ve a date with the hubby to see it on Tuesday night. I have every intention of drooling over Chris Hemsworth *and* reveling in Tom Hiddleston’s darker Loki… no matter what genre this film falls into!

  5. I am so glad everyone agrees with my review!! i am surrounded by my peeps…although…that means more competition for hemsworth….i will…..fight for hime!!!::cue Kill Bill siren sound::

  6. I loved this movie, too, and I’m a long-time comics reader. I hope you stayed for the two after-credits scenes.

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