Getting to know Coastal Magic Featured Author – Alex Hughes – #CMCon2014


Hi everyone!

I am so looking forward to attending Coastal Magic in February! We are going to have such a fun time.

One of the authors that will be joining us is  Alex Hughes.  I already told you a bit about here on the 1st.   She kindly took the time to answer a few questions so we can all get to know her a bit better.


Here we go…..


Charlee: For those who haven’t yet read your books,can you tell us a little about them?

Alex: Thank you so much for having me on the blog! I’d be happy to share. In the Mindspace Investigations series, a telepath and recovering addict named Adam helps the police in future Atlanta solve a series of crimes. In the first book, Clean, they track a killer who kills with the mind.

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Charlee: Are you working on the next book? If so when can we expect to see it?

markedAlex: I just turned in Book #3, Marked, wherein Adam solves a crime for the Guild, and it will be out in April 2014. I’m currently working on Book #4, tentatively titled Vacant, which will be out in December 2014. I’m excited about both!.

Charlee: What are you looking forward to most about Coastal Magic?

Alex: I love being able to connect with readers. Readers are amazing and what it’s all about. I also love the bloggers, who read and review and are generally amazing. Being able to rub shoulders with everyone in a casual conference is a real treat.

Charlee: Any advice for fans who want to connect with you at the conference?

Alex: Be polite and friendly. If I’m in a public space, drop by and say hi. (This does not include the bathroom, lol.) Introduce yourself and say you’re a fan. Nine times out of ten, unless I have to be at a panel right then, I’d be thrilled to talk to you. I’ve also been known to chat back and forth on Twitter, and to set up meet times at a conference in advance that way. I’m always thrilled to sign books, as well! I love meeting fans.

Charlee: Are you planning anything special swag for the conference?

Alex: At the moment, no. But I have an idea for a Mindspace patch…. 🙂

Charlee:  Is there any other news you’d like to share with readers?

Alex: Just to say thank you. You guys make it all possible, and your support and word-of-mouth advertising really makes a difference. I am deeply indebted to you guys. Also, I have a few projects in the pipeline I can’t talk about yet, but if you sign up for the newsletter on my website, you’ll hear about it first.



Star Wars or Star Trek?

Alex: Yes.

Coke, Pepsi or other?

Alex: Coke! Please, I’m from Atlanta. Lol, in practice I’m more of an unsweet tea girl.

Salty or sweet?

Alex: Sour. Oh, and yes. All of the above.

Monsters or Space Aliens?

Alex: Space aliens. Although monsters a la Pacific Rim are awesome too.

Spaceballs or Galaxy Quest?

Alex: Galaxy Quest!

Charlee: Thank you for playing along, Alex!

Learn more about Alex and her work at or connect with her on Facebook orTwitter.


If you haven’t already signed up for Coastal Magic, what are you waiting for? Go now! See you there!