Review: Her Mad Hatter by Marie Hall

madhatterI do love things odd and surreal. Not sure why. Maybe because reality is wrought with horror and other human beings. Either way, I love Wonderland. And before you get your knickers in a twist, yes I have read the novel when I was young.

I love escapism. I feel that every science fiction/fantasy reader feels the same. The world created within Alice in Wonderland is  eternal for that  story is the ultimate escape fantasy. In a nutshell, reality sucks so follow the white rabbit to a fantasy world. Of course there are lessons and repercussions ,yada, yada,yada.Sometimes, I just want to have my book candy. A term I used to describe stories whose sole purpose to not to teach but to enjoy immensely. And after a day of various mediums of fecal waste I get to experience at my job, a book candy is what keeps me sane.

I have a such a weakness for fairy tale twists. So this was a welcome addition to my reading pile.

Book candies love to explore the possible deviations from classic stories using fan favorite pairings. Top literature couples in a flash!:

*Beauty and the Beast

*Snow White and the Huntsmen (NOT the movie. ::Shudder::)

* Alice and the Mad Hatter

Drats. The sugar high is coming off. I know I’m missing pairings! Refresh my memories readers!

As you can tell, this novel is in regards to the pairing of Alice and the Mad Hatter. I’m not sure why this is such a popular pairing. Maybe because the Hatter is a knight in some way to assist Alice in her quest? Either way, the chemistry between these two have been noted in Disney (Tim Burton version), various television series, wedding photos, and more.

So what makes Halls’s “Her Mad Hatter” so freaking awesome? Why you should bother investing your energy into yet another fairy tale twist?

These stories are made for us. All of us fangirls. All of us who wished to  see a lot more sexual action as we grew up.

And Hall delivers. Oh she so delivers.

Alice in a grown woman running her own cupcake business. She is visited by an older woman. Through a series of events, Alice is taken to Wonderland where she meets the Hatter. Poor Hatter has been depressed and growing unstable after what the first Alice did to him. Wonderland depends on the imagination of Hatter. So as he continues to grow more morose, the weaker the world. Will this Alice help stabilize Hatter? Will there be love? Lust?

Absolute fun read. I find many stories try to be really out of the box or even take themselves too seriously resulting in a mess of a story and a lackluster romance.Not for Hall. It was well written, made a heck of a lot of sense, and the sex scenes? Let’s just you will be grinning like a Cheshire cat. And hopefully you’ll be able to turn invisible too if your reading this in a public place.

As with most book candies, this novel is short and sweet. There is no inner discovery or any groundbreaking revelations. It does however leave you craving more. So much more. And you get that with the remaining stories in her Kingdom series.  I’ve read right through them. Satisfying. Absolutely satisfying.

Just to cater to my addiction, the males in the Kingdom Series have a common bad boy theme to theme. They are all sexy, love sex, and are intense (in personality and sexual prowess). What resistance? I have none.

The greatest part of this book candy is that the FIRST THREE novels in the Kingdom Series is FREE. Absolutely free via amazon.

So go on. Take a lick.

Length: Novel

Genre: Paranormal-Fantasy-Romance

Primary Book Format: e-format

Publisher/Imprint: Amazon Digital Services, Inc

Blush Quotient: Delectable Red

Smart Girls Rating:  5 stars

Can order it here: Amazon

Find out more info about the author and series here.

(Disclaimer: This book was purchased by reviewer to enjoy and review)

4 thoughts on “Review: Her Mad Hatter by Marie Hall

  1. It’s funny (to me) that you posted this review today. I just finished this book today, and it was awesome! Five stars, definitely. You’re right, this book did leave me wanting more. When I finished it, I was ready to read it again. I loved the ending, I didn’t think the fairy was going to make it in time, I was filled with angst. That made the ending all the more sweet.

  2. Great Review. I read Her Mad Hatter by Marie Hall. I loved it. I totally agree with this review. I found it to be a fun, grown up retelling of Alice in Wonderland. I only wish there were recipes in the back of the book for The Mad Hatter cupcake: a vanilla bean-based cupcake with a caramel covered slice of jalapeno at the center, and topped off with cream cheese frosting or the Red Queen’s Revenge: a red velvet cupcake, frosted with Italian butter cream with flecks of peppercorn. I want to visit The Mad Hatter’s Cupcakery and Tea Shoppe and have both of those cupcakes.

  3. Thanks for the recommendation. I absolutely loved this read. Loved the author’s voice. Love the cadence of the prose and visually stimilating descriptions. Not everyone will appreciate just how good this story is, but being quirky and off-beat myself, Her Mad Hatter resonated with me.

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