Geekie Awards 2013


I finally came down from the haze of geekorgasm. Yes I know it’s very, very delayed but it really took me this long to breathe and reminiscence without squealing like an overactive fan girl.

On August 1994326_10100910591484228_618086522_n8, I got a chance to be in the audience for the Geekie Awards at the Avalon in Hollywood.This was the first annual celebration of all that is geek. There were categories for podcasts, arts and crafts, webseries, and so much more. You can check out all the nominess here. I recognized a few but there were so much that I never even heard of! Check out Stan Lee Parkour and Cosplay Piano. There are some seriously talented people out there. I’m definitely looking forward to this show growing and expanding the nominees to more of the community. It’s definitely great exposure. Plus, it  sets the bar for creativity and art. I am always down for seeing what others have created. It drives me crazy from being overwhelmed from all the awesome, though, Completely worth it though,

The dress code was dressy but invited cosplayers. I decided to do a combo and wear my TARDIS overcoat (funny story is….I forgot to measure myself and the dress became  an overcoat. Still love it though! ) over my snazzy evening wear.

After waiting for looooong time in heels, we were able to get in and wait for the show to start,

1185850_10100910913394118_1535919643_nOn the stage, was a replica of the star trek enterprise bridge. Oh yes. It was gonna be spunky.

We sat in the balcony section which afforded the greatest views and the most interaction with cosplayers. I was able to have fun with the League of S.T.E.A.M. (a great steampunk performance group who is currently holding a kickstarter for their third season which I strongly suggest supporting!). I was able to see their awesome props up close and in working order.

The show opened up with a pretty cute skit. Then it was….Seth Green. I am a mega fan of Seth Green and this was the main draw for me. He gave a great,warm speech and honored Stan Lee with the Lifetime Achievement Award. The man himself even came onstage and sang a little diddy. No joke, Stan Lee was singing.


On the show went with nominees being presented and awarded. Most of which I’m now following . There were a few glitches but overall the show was great. It was beautiful, warming, and definitely an inspiring evening. I will definitely go back again next year.

After the show, I zipped around the crowd at the after party. I practically skipped and pranced my way to all the geek-celebrities. I gushed in front of Grant Imahara (Mythbusters). I stammered in front of Bonnie Burton. I clamored to take pictures on the bridge. I was a whirlwind of geek-tast-tic portions of happiness.

1185896_10100910913593718_1135771330_nIt was surreal. Absolutely surreal.

If your curious, go ahead and check out the Geekie Awards. Join their facebook or twitter. Help support this award show and others. Peruse the nominees. You may discover your next favorite thing.If there are any local events in your,please support. Gush, Squeal. Be happy.

I don’t know about you but I’m not sure if I can stand another VMA performance.

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  1. I’m having major geek envy, but in a good way. A replica of the Enterprise is awesome. I am so glad you attend all these events and give us your reports.

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