Vampiric Pirates


Saturday afternoons are usually pretty lively. This Saturday involved a movie marathon and a discussion on vampires. Specifically, vampiric pirates. I’m not quite sure how we go on to the topic but I do remember discussing the fact that Bram Stoker’s Dracula was only able to travel across moving water because he was surrounded by earth from his home/grave?

We decided that if we used Dracula as the base of our vampiric pirates, we could have a flotilla run by powerful vampires. We ran into trouble when it came to having a working ship because there would have to be minions. Minions definitely meant that the vampire had t be an extremely powerful nosferatu.

One of the problems besides having a fully functional ship would be again the moving water.  The minions would then be the ones to board the ships and carry out his deeds. The discussion then came down to what type of minions might a vampire have?

I thought immediately of human minions after all we had been talking about Dracula. The guys came up with ghouls. I basically came down to the magical abilities the vampire had. But having ghouls running a ship instead of human thralls, turned out to be more interesting.

After all imagine sailing through a fog bank only to be assaulted by a pack of ghouls. If you were lucky the wind would be blowing the right direction and give you fair warning.

So, when was the last time a movie made your imagination run wild?

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