Chudney and 8 Crazy Q’s

Chudney is not only a blogging partner, but a near and dear friend. She is the one Smart Girl I knew in person long before I even started blogging. Not only is she a Smart Girl, she is warm , friendly, and genuine nice, and one smart savvy woman.

Now on to the questions…


1 Do you own an e-reader? Which one?

I,  my friends,  own a Nook Simple Touch. Though sometimes I steal the hubby’s Nook Tablet.

2 Star Trek or Star Wars?

Both. You can’t tell me you don’t love both. Don’t ask me to choose between Jean Lu Picard and Han Solo. Just don’t.

3 Do you have a Zombie Apocalypse Survival Plan?

Doesn’t everyone? I’ll admit it that I didn’t have one before meeting the hubs, but now we have one and together the we will survive the zombie Apocalypse with the kidlets. Sorry the plan is not up for discussion but we may or may not have food in Mylar bags.

4 Have you ever stayed up all night to finish reading a book?

It’s been a problem since I was a child. They would send me to bed and I would end up reading by the light of my closet only to scurry back to bed when the rents came to check on me.

5 Do you prefer ice cream or candy? What’s your favorite flavor/type?

Candy, Sour patch kids and Chocolate  are my addiction second only to books.

6 When is the last time you wore a costume?

Does a partial costume count? A few months ago I acquired the beginnings of my Halloween costume and a month ago I found matching pants!

7 If you could have a super/magical/extra sensory power, what would it be?

Speed. With all I have to do in a day it would be awesome to be able to do it quickly. But really that’s just the mom in me talking.

8 When was the last time you were in a library?

Two weeks ago.


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7 thoughts on “Chudney and 8 Crazy Q’s

  1. As a fellow mom, I totally understand the need for speed. All the best, Chudney! 🙂

  2. Oh shoot. This Florida Girl has a Hurricane Survival Plan, but not a Zombie Apocalypse Plan. I’d better stock more bottled water. And swords.

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