Podcast/Radio: Alpha Centauri & Beyond

Recently learned about this Internet radio/podcast from new host, Melissa Macfie, and wanted to give a shout out: melissa_macfie

Join D. Wayne Dworsky and Melissa Macfie as they discuss issues of modern science, science fiction novel plots, themes, and special effects in motion pictures on Alpha Centauri & Beyond. The first episode, “Going to Mars,” will delve into why the red planet captivates interest. Among the books and films discussed will be Packing for Mars by Mary Roache and Total Recall.

Each episode of Alpha Centauri & Beyond will feature a separate theme. Topics include: NASA, Ten Ways Life on Earth Could End, Time Travel, The Moons of Jupiter, and Exo-Planets .  Future guests will include science experts and science fiction writers. The show will air bi-weekly starting on Monday, July 22, 2013, at 8PM ET on Blog Talk Radio.