Serenity and 8 Crazy Q’s

Serenity joined the blog less than two weeks ago but I already feel like I’ve been blogging with her forever.  She’s a quick reader and a delightfully entertaining blogger. I hope you all are enjoying her posts as much as I am.

Here are Serenity’s answer to the  8 Crazy Q’s


1 Do you own an e-reader? Which one?Serenity250

I rock it like the Jetsons with an iPad 2. This allows me to virtually download any e-reader application available on iTunes. I’m a NOOK girl at heart as I secretly pray for Amazon’s destruction. (I feel it would restore natural order to the market (and the world) like a bloody optimist.) So, when I have the chance, I prefer to buy my e-Books through Barnes and Noble or All Romance.

2 Star Trek or Star Wars?

Trekkie. I mean, don’t get me wrong—Padme and Leia were both bomb ass heroines. Janeway could also kick both their candy asses from here to the Delta Quadrant. Or Seven could handle the Captain’s light work and assimilate them. (Resistance is futile). There’s always Bellona, too—but we don’t let that b*tch out by herself. Not safe. For you. Mostly.

3 Do you have a Zombie Apocalypse Survival Plan?

Of course. What kind of neomaxizoomdweebie do you take me for? My “Shit is Ridiculous—There’s Zombies!” supply list has the following five items.

1. Scooby Doo: I need a hell hound at my side. Scooby Doo will be trained by my killer German Shepard. She will use her cunning to teach him to open doors and run down the street so mommy can look like an idiot running after them. She will also pass on the morsel he will need to somehow manage to finagle his way into a bag of sealed dog food with the precision of an imp with a scalpel. Once he has amassed all this wit, they will be my team. My defenders. Statuesque guardians who only break focus on the horizon or turn their nose from the wind at my whim. (Or snacks. Snacks will help.)

2. The Van—You know, the Scooby one: I will have ripped this van off from a group of detectives that normally deal with the “paranormal” and all manner of crazy. I will have expected them to outfit the van for combat. Bullet proof windows, UV lights, metal undercarriage, steel grill, gaming consoles, Gatling guns etc. If not, no worries. My grandfather was a mechanic in the army—I totally got this shit. Of course, I will also take the time to install the Toy Story bed sheets, very large plush turtle and myriad of special paperbacks too.

3. Cannabis and Vegetable Seeds, Soil/Pots: (This will already be loaded in the van of course.(I stop to bother with logic at the strangest of times)) I’m a vegetarian and hemp is virtually a universal resource and raw material. You can make anything from military grade wire to clothing. Paper to building material. All it takes is a little manipulation and skill.

4. Essentials: Non-battery powered Water-filter, Medical Supplies, Solar Power: Kind of explains itself. No one wants to smell like a foot. Or drink a foot for that matter. And if a foot is somehow drunk despite my best efforts, I will have the antibiotic to zap it. Also, it might be useful to have something to harness the light in age of darkness.

5. My Husband (and Guns): I’m a sniper, if you will. I can shoot very quickly, very far. My husband is a shooter. Mostly, a sharp one. While I’m camped out all stealthy on a craggy rooftop in the middle of the city, I can pick off the zombies sledging through the streets while my babe does his cowboy thing and runs into battle all half-cocked to save three kittens and a kid. Think Reynolds and Zoe. Reynolds and Zoe, people.

4 Have you ever stayed up all night to finish reading a book?

You joke, right?

5 Do you prefer ice cream or candy? What’s your favorite flavor/type?

What’s your favorite flavor/type? Neither. I’m not really a sweets person. Besides, I park enough bread on my ass as it is. (lol)

6 When is the last time you wore a costume?

Last night. (I’ll let you stew on that. 😉 )

7 If you could have a super/magical/extra sensory power, what would it be?

It’s a tossup between Sherlock Holmes’ power of deduction—drug addiction notwithstanding and a psychic ability. Not like an annoying one that characters are always crying into chocolate and moaning about. A cool one like Dr. Xavier from X-men.

Though if I were going to have a choice of becoming a fantastical creature or alien—and not just choosing a power—I would have to say, I would be an Amazon. Like one from the Wonder Woman comic books. (DC Comics) Tucked away on Themyscira . Fighting and training. Reading poetry. Availing myself of all the classics. Peaceful days.

8 When was the last time you were in a library?

 Last year, sometime. Don’t really live close to one. Plus, I have a Jetson’s tablet—I’m hard pressed to put on pants anymore for anything less than a 7. (There are those among us who will get that obscure reference.)


Here is what she reviews for SGLSF&PNR:

I review PNR/SFR from SG. I’m open to other genres, and will read any heat level and pairing. The afore-mentioned genres, with the addition of Historical romance, just so happen to be my favorites.

I also review video games for SG. The video gaming reviewing is kind a little side project I’m helping Charlee out with. Mostly, I review games that focus on narrative as a key selling point. Think Dragon Age or Mass Effect.

She also posts reviews as:

I do have a Goodreads page, where I post little snippets of my reviews and whatever little short notes that don’t make it into the official review I submit to SG. Sometimes, I’ll also leave reviews for a few of the books that don’t make it on SG.

Some of her current favorite authors are:

  1. David Gaider (Non-romance/ Fantasy)
  2. Linda Winstead Jones (Paranormal Romance)
  3. Kim Dare (Paranormal/ BDSM Erotic Romance)
  4. I’m still trying to find one. (SFR/ Steampunk Rom)

Here are the types of review requests she would you like to see:

Whatever an author can dish out. I will read any heat level, pairing and almost any mix and match genre piece. (I mostly avoid Inspirational—I’m a really tough crowd to inspire, but I’d be willing to give it a shot.) That being said, I especially love strong heroines (if you haven’t noticed.) I love especially love when they’re matched up against a hero (or heroine) that can hold their own against them. This doesn’t mean she has to be a fighter, etc. She just has to be solid, believable and able to shoot like a lady.

I’m also a sucker for a strange alien or obscure paranormal creature. Vampires and werewolves will always hold a dear spot in my chest cavity, but I wanna see something fresh. Send me randy ghosts! And sexy elves! And that weird alien race, whose name I shall never be able to pronounce in my right or drunken mind.

So if you’ve written a tentacled Annie Oakley, with a thing for lasers and a hot Irish vampire-hunter poised to pounced on her—retro-fitted antique musket aimed at his heart be damned—I wanna read yo’ story. Like seriously.

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