Drama in the Paranormal World

I took an unplanned hiatus last week and I thank you guys for all of the suggestions on my last post. Just as soon as I finish editing this book I will be free to read!

One of the things I’ve been thinking about for a while now is how do paranormal groups handle their drama. We all know that drama pops up in different ways. And paranormal groups have unique ways dealing with said drama. Want to know what I mean by drama?

I’m talking about all those pesky things that happen when you deal with the human element.  What happens when a pack mate gets too mouthy, that’s easy pack dynamics take over if you’re a shifter.  But what about vampire dynamic’s, I imagine it’s much the same except it’s probably a one on one experience, which leads to the question of who is more powerful.

But that’s the small stuff. What I really want to know how do they deal with hard stuff. We know that if werewolves can’t control themselves their pack leaders will take them out.  We’ve seen shifters have teams to track down those that go rogue.

Some authors have vampires who become junkies or become HIV positive through the blood that they drink. This week I’m interested in those authors you’ve read that have dealt with what  I call drama in an interesting way.

2 thoughts on “Drama in the Paranormal World

  1. I’ll have to think a bit about ‘interesting’ but one of the things I like about Laurell Hamilton’s books is that she does deal with these things and it usually ties people up in knots and comes back to bite them later. No pun intended.

    Her Merry Gentry series is all about family drama. It’s a royal family and just as twisted as any from ancient times.

    In the Anita Blake series, Jean Claude has a casket like box in his office. But it isn’t where he sleeps. It’s where he keeps the vampire who tried to kill Anita early on in the series. He didn’t want to kill her so he wrapped her up in silver chains and locked her in the box for a few years. Of course Anita got furious when she found out what he did. She demands he let the vampire out. When he does, she comes out of the box as a total psycho.

    Most of the other paranormals I can think of, it is either physical dominance or making someone an outcast.

    Can’t wait to see what else people come up with. 😉

  2. Jennifer Blackstream does some really interesting stuff in terms of werewolf pack dynamics and vampires in Aphrodite’s Hunt. Her alphas have the ability to sooth the change in other pack members. They also have the power to “rip” it out. And her packs usually operates as protectors against the wild ones that can’t be taught to control themselves.

    Also, she does some interesting things with vampires. Like each newly turned vampire is pretty much enslaved to their mentor as their mentor is going to be their only source of knowledge for a while. (Sometimes this relationship is perverted and has severe psychological impacts.) Once the mentor leaves, the vampire is mostly on its own. And her vampires have breeds–like a vampire is an umbrella term like dog. There are different breeds with different powers.

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