Podcast Review: Baen Free Radio Hour


The Baen Free Radio hour is a weekly podcast of Baen Books and part of Baen’s efforts to connect with readers. Baen also has a newsletter, contests, a forum, free short stories, eARCs of upcoming work-this is a whole universe to become a part of.  Baen Free Radio is not a ‘buy this book’ podcast. Like many of the things that Baen does to reach out to its audience, the podcast explores the whole world of SF/F fandom and publishing for a truly informative and enjoyable series of podcasts. Each podcast includes author interviews: some of the most recent are Wen Spencer, Sarah A. Hoyt, and Timothy Zahn. Writers talk about their work, their inspirations, and their writing process.

Baen goes further than interviewing authors and editors; they also talk to the other people involved in the book production process. This includes discussions with  book designer Carol Russo, Baen mapmaker Randy Asplund, and artist David Mattingly. I personally found listening to these interviews fascinating as I had the opportunity to learn more about the important job artists and designers do in producing a book. There is also a discussion with Baen slush pile reader Gray Rineheart. Some of the examples of odd submissions/submissions gone wrong provided a good chuckle. Aspiring writers take note-you really, really need to pay attention to submission guidelines.

The podcast is also currently running the audio adaptation of David Weber’s SHADOW OF FREEDOM. A welcome treat for fans of the Honorverse.

Site: http://www.baen.com/podcast/podcast.asp
Twitter: @BaenBooks
Availability: iTunes, site.
Audience: General audiences. No profanity or sexual situations.
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