Steampunk LA: RECAP

994787_10100835333312208_488466081_nHere’s a little side post on giving you, our dear readers, a glimpse of this blogger’s many adventures here on the west coast.On this particular adventure, it happens to coincide with our steampunk theme.

Which I must add  that once you discover steampunk, you immediately join a culture not of this world. A culture of fashion, stories, steam, and inspirations.

There are many resources of steampunk but one of the founders of League of Extraordinary ladies hosted a panel at Wondercon and gave a great run down. I definitely recommend panels at comic cons. I know for a fact that the group is hosting a panel at San Diego Comic Con.

I solo around Los Angeles a majority of the time. Not due to any lack of friends, more to the free spirited adventurous side of myself.  So after a week of frenzied sewing, I donned my outfit and set for Steampunk LA.

1003865_10100832807419118_1661911038_nMy outfit was inspired by one of my favorite artists, Brian Kesinger. I discovered his artwork at a local hangout, Steampunk Cafe on Burbank Blvd. He’s notable for his beautiful artwork of Victoria and her octopus, Otto. One of his artwork features all the doctors of Doctor Who poised around a TARDIS. Even though  I absolutely adore David Tennant, I opted to dress as the eleventh doctor due to his tenure as the current doctor ending. I love Matt Smith and I will miss him terribly. I’m not sure how anyone else feels, but I felt he was super romantic and awesome this past season.


I found the hidden place after getting massively lost. If it wasn’t for the goggles glinting from inside, I would have chalked up the night to a loss. That was the first sign that this was a grassroots event. Once I walked in, I was surrounded by people in various steampunk outfits. Many of which quickly made me jealous and feeling deep feelings of inadequacy. I was cheered up that I was recognized several times as the eleventh doctor and that my fez was cool. It better be cool. It took three days of construction.

1016601_10100835334220388_629045679_nSome of the items being sold were amazing. In less than five minutes, I plucked down some hard earned cash for some homemade doctor who earrings.  All of the items sold were handcrafted and just absolutely stunning. Necklaces, goggles, hair barrettes, boxes, corsets, prints, and so much more.

More vendors awaited inside to feast the eyes and strain the wallet. Various sculptures and artwork lined the wall. It was hard to see each piece individually due to the crowd. The artists are listed on the Steampunk LA facebook page.

1044817_10100835333751328_67497546_nOne of the most notable steampunk groups, League of Steam, showcased their amazing prop talents. If you haven’t caught their videos, do. If you’re a fan of Panic!At the Disco as I am, then you would have noticed the league in the music video for “The Ballad of Mona Lisa“.

The League is absolutely phenomenal. Their props actually work. As they were on stage, they showed up a green colored cylinder which they said was filled with baby eels.  The baby eels gave a great electrical shock when you created a circuit when holding the rod. I smiled along with the crowd thinking that the eels were fake rubber snakes floating in water. They invited the crowd to try out the prod afterwards, so I did.

Oh. The eels are real. The electric shock is awesome.


Then the headliners, Steam Powered Giraffe came on stage. I saw them taking pictures with fans but I could barely glimpse them through the crowd. I had no idea who they were, what they did, why they were so popular. I was not expecting how magnificent they were. The group is a group of “automatons” and they have to be witnessed in order to understand why they were so awesome. I stood there in the sweltering room just mesmerized by their voices and sounds.  Ding. Newly made fan created. Watch their youtube videos. I LOVE their version of “Diamonds in the Sky” (p.s. I am not a fan of Rhianna).

Despite the boiling heat, getting lost, lack of light outside, and one entrance way, I still had a great time. I was sorry I had to deck out early because of work. I really do hope they hold the event again and add some improvements. Maybe some food trucks?

Was this a bit overwhelming? It’s hard not to dive in full force when it comes to steampunk.


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