Love in the time of Lockdowns.


Today I want to thank everyone who stops by to read my post here on Smart Girls Love Sci Fi and Paranormal Romance . I’m just back from camping again. Yep. We went again and it rained.  So my laptop remained in my backpack.

 I honestly feel really frivolous after what has happened this week in Boston.  This really is the first and probably only time that I will speak about it. I don’t want to spark a political debate. I don’t want to bring you down.

As chance would have it, I woke up on Saturday morning, wondering  what if anything I would write about.  I honestly was struggling with  if I should, then I read this article, on the Culture blog from

The Problem with One-Night Stands in Locked-Down Boston reminded me that even during the lock down  life was still going on, all be it behind closed doors. As we watched on TV, the internet and social media in general. People were forced to interact with those closest to them or not so close to them until it was deemed safe for them to come out.

Of course my husband noticed that like the author and his friend/acquaintance a lot of people were running out in PJ’s and blankets for coffee, which led him to question whether people had coffee makers in their homes. The article served as a partial answer.

But what struck me most is that all of this forced togetherness was a device commonly used in fiction and in the romance genre specifically, to bring people together that normally wouldn’t stay in the same room with each other. Though in reality it didn’t happen this time or at least so we were told.

You knew I was going to have to add a paranormal twist to this didn’t you?

Imagine you’re a vampire and in the early hours of the morning you get word of the lockdown. What are you to do? Spend the entire day in your hook ups basement? But what happens when the police come a knocking, how do you explain your unwillingness to step into the light?

I’m not even going to touch on frustration it would have caused a cop/FBI agent  who happened to be on SWAT, when it came to the scents, and aggression and other emotions of not only their team members but of the entire city, when trying to find a fugitive.

Do you see where I’m going with this? Now imagine what everyone their felt. Good. Not multiply it and apply it to your paranormal characters. It could have been  horribly awkward, a really hot one night stand that turned into an all-day roll in the hay.  Or a meeting point for two characters who would never have met before. Whatever  you decide it should make for an interesting story.

See I had this idea that, like the last time I’d gone camping I would have access to wifi . So I packed up my laptop in my old college back pack and off we went.


3 thoughts on “Love in the time of Lockdowns.

  1. Interesting observation! I wonder if we will see this pop-up more in books for the next year while it is on people’s minds.Sorry you had rain for your camping trip!

  2. I imagine a werewolf would really freak out it locked down for a long period of time:)
    On a more serious note, I do think it’s interesting to watch how people react during times of disaster or attack. You are forced to interact with people near you. I remember after the big Earthquake/Tsunami here in Japan for about a week they had electricity shutdowns, limited services etc. even in the areas that were not directly affected. People can do really awful things to each other, but I was also surprised how kind and willing to help some people can be in the midst of panic.

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